An Addon for TerraFirmaCraft: TNG (1.12.2)


[Notice: Development for this addon has been completed. I currently have no plans for a version for TFC 1.18, but that may change in the future once I play it and determine if it's worth adding features like these to it!]



Welcome to TerraFirmaThings, an addon for TerraFirmaCraft that adds...things!

There is no real theme behind this addon; it just adds a series of items that I felt would enhance the default TFC experience, whether for improving quality of life, making things prettier, or just giving the player more toys to have fun with!


I am currently still working on developing this mod. I don't really have a goal for a set amount of content, I just want to continue to come up with cool ideas that will add more options to the TFC experience. Any time I come up with a cool idea, I might just randomly decide to throw it in this mod!


Feedback/Suggestions (Probably not relevant any more):

If you happen across an issue with the mod, such as a crash or some unexpected behavior, feel free to let me know so I can work to fix it! You can comment on this page with your issue or even better, you can submit an issue report to the mod's GitHub to make it easier for me to track! https://github.com/Lyeoj/TerraFirmaThings 

The more info you can give, the better. Include a crash report if applicable and try to provide some context as to what was happening to cause the issue.

On the flip side, if you have a suggestion for something to be added to the mod, please feel free to share it as well! I want this mod to sort of be a catch-all for any kind of miscellaneous additions to the TFC experience, so if you have a cool idea that you feel would go well with TFC, this could be an ideal place to suggest it! 

That being said, I still have a few guidelines as to what kinds of suggestions I feel would be right for this mod, so I will go over them now:

-This mod should be strictly additive to TFC, so don't suggest something that changes or removes an existing feature from TFC.

-This mod is not intended to deal with mods other than TFC. A suggestion to provide compatibility between TFC and another mod is outside the scope of this mod.

-Finally, features added by this mod should still feel like they belong in TFC. Something that would seem out of place in TFC probably wouldn't be a good fit for this mod either (and yes Pigvil absolutely belongs in TFC!).



Mod Content: 

Current list of things this mod adds:

-Snow Shoes

Snow shoes

Winters in TFC are very cool, just seeing every single block as far as the eye can see become covered in snow. However, once the novelty wears off, the fact that you have to slowly walk through all said snow quickly becomes tiresome. Craft a pair of these fancy snow shoes to move through all the snow with no movement penalty!




Have you ever been carrying stacks and stacks of pebbles and wished you could just start chucking them at things? Well, the sling is just what you need! The sling provides access to an early-game projectile weapon with widely available ammo. Against most things, the sling does a decent bit of damage, but it truly shines against larger targets. Notably things like bears, lions, and sabertooths! Any predator-type animal will take double damage from the sling!

Want your sling to last longer? Once you've got some iron, you can forge yourself a handy metal bracing (use steel to get twice as many). Attach this to a sling to reinforce it, giving it a bunch more durability!

Bracing recipe 1Bracing recipe 2

Reinforced sling



Crown base recipe


Crown recipe


Everyone likes shiny things! In TFC, shiny things such as gems might be nearly useless, but that's ok because they are shiny! As such, it only seems appropriate to add a way to show off your favorite shiny things in an even shinier fashion! Craft your favorite shiny metal (gold or platinum) at a forge to create a crown base, then hammer in one of your shiniest gems (exquisite-level only please) to create a truly dazzling piece of headwear! Which combination is your favorite?


-Bear Traps

Bear trap half recipe



Bear trap placed


Bear trap hidden

These may have bear in the name, but don't let that fool you, they will gladly chew on any foot that steps in them! If you want to stop something from moving, simply introduce them to one of these spiky friends and they will hold them tight! For hunting The Most Dangerous Game, right click a bear trap with a shovel to bury it, making it harder for keen eyes to spot. Just make sure to watch your own step too!



Pig iron carrot recipe




Pigvil anvil form

It's a pig, it's an anvil. You may be able to get your very own by feeding a carrot made of pig iron to an adult male pig. Once you have your own Pigvil, shape him into an anvil with a right click. This anvil is steel-tier, which means that this is a slightly faster way to get a steel anvil assuming you have access to pigs and a bit of luck. If you break Pigvil in anvil form, he will revert to pig form. In pig form, you can lead Pigvil around with a pig iron ingot or a pig iron carrot. In pig form, Pigvil is pretty hard to damage, but keep him away from fire and water. He melts at high temperatures and sinks like...well, an anvil.



Whetstone recipe

Using a whetstone

Sharpened Item

In TFC, your tools will sometimes be a bit on the slow side. So, if your tools are feeling a bit dull, why not try sharpening them! To sharpen a tool, you will need a special kind of item: a whetstone! To get one of these, you will need to find some quartzite. Once you've got a piece of quartzite, chisel it down into a brick, and run it through a quern to, uh smooth it out? However that works, this will give you a whetstone! Hold a whetstone in your main hand and a TFC metal tool in your off hand, then hold right click for a second and release to sharpen the tool (you can't just spam right click for this to work). Every time you sharpen the tool, you will add one "charge" of sharpness to the tool in exchange for one tool durability (and also one durability of the whetstone). While your tool is sharp, it will mine its primary resource faster and it will deal a bit of extra damage with each attack. Each attack or broken block will then remove one charge of sharpness from the tool. If you sharpen a tool 10 times, that means you can mine 10 blocks at an increased speed or deal 10 hits of increased damage. 

Struggling to find quartzite? Don't worry, because later in the game, you can get something much nicer than the basic whetstone. Once you have black steel, you can create a honing steel (tool head) by working a black steel double ingot at an anvil. Craft the tool head with a stick to create a honing steel! In addition to being far more durable than a basic whetstone, the honing steel will add sharpness twice as fast, applying two charges per sharpen (this also saves on tool durability too since only one durability is consumed during this action). Also, while the whetstone can't sharpen a tool beyond having 64 charges at a time, the honing steel can take a tool up to 256 charges, allowing you to go much longer without having to sharpen again!

Honing steel head recipe

Honing steel recipe


Wanna get even fancier? Smash some diamonds together to create some diamond grit (regular quality diamonds can be found from kimberlite). Then, while you still have a honing steel head, combine it with the diamond grit via welding (the honing steel head will need to be welding temp, but the diamond grit doesn't need to be heated) to create a diamond grit honing steel! This honing steel has just a bit more durability than the default one, but it has the super nice bonus of adding 3 charges per sharpen!

Diamond gritDiamond grit honing steel




With the help of some simple technology, you can sharpen your tools automatically! Like the whetstone, the grindstone will allow you to sharpen up your tools so they do more damage and harvest faster! To set one up, you will first need to craft a grindstone base, which you will need a bit of iron or steel to create. Once you have a grindstone base setup, then you will need the actual grinding part, the grindstone! Like the whetstone, this will specifically require some quartzite to craft. Later in the game, you can upgrade a basic grindstone by welding some black steel to it, and upgrade it even further with some diamond grit! Once you have your grindstone, just click it on the base to attach it. 


You will now notice that there is a water wheel on one side of the grindstone. This is because a grindstone requires flowing water to function. Redirect some water so it flows next to the grindstone's water wheel and you will be ready to start sharpening! With a properly setup grindstone, simply right click any sharpen-able tool on the grindstone to insert it, and the grindstone will get to work, sharpening the tool until the tool cannot get any sharper! Grindstones will gradually wear out over time and break, requiring a new grindstone to be crafted and placed on the base. With a higher tier grindstone, tools will be sharpened more efficiently and can reach a higher level of sharpness, plus the grindstone will last far longer!

Grindstone grinding

In case you were wondering why you would use regular whetstones once you have one of these, there are a few reasons. First, you can sharpen an item by hand a quite a bit faster, as it takes less than a second per sharpen with a whetstone compared to about 4 seconds with the grindstone. In addition, whetstones have a small chance to not damage an item when sharpening, while grindstones will always damage the items they sharpen. This means tools sharpened by hand will end up lasting a bit longer in the long run when you sharpen by hand! Of course, the convenience from the grindstone is still hard to beat so it can be a tricky choice!


-Rope Javelins

Rope javelin crafting recipe

Rope javelin held

Rope javelin thrown

This is exactly what it says on the tin, a javelin on a rope! Tired of running after your javelins after throwing them? Well just tie a rope to the javelin and you can pull it back after throwing it! Since stone javelins are very brittle, this can only be done with metal javelins. As an added bonus, if you hit an entity with a rope javelin, you will be able to yank them towards you as if you pulled them with a fishing rod!


-Prospector's Hammer

Prospector's Hammer Types

There are two types of miners. Miners who dive into a cave headfirst and bring the entire ceiling down on their heads, and miners who methodically lay out support beams and still end up bringing the ceiling down on their heads. Sometimes, it can just be a bit hard to tell which parts of a cave are safe to mine. But now, you can take the guesswork out of mining with your new best friend: the Prospector's Hammer! The Prospector's Hammer is a brand new tool type which can be crafted out of any normal TFC tool metal, both via smithing and molds (for early game metals). To use the hammer, just right click on any block, and you will be able to tell if the block is capable of causing a cave-in when mined. Like the Prospector's Pickaxe, the hammer will become more effective as your prospecting skill goes up, so if your skill is low, watch out for false positives! As a bonus, with high prospecting skill, the Prospector's Hammer will also warn you of falling blocks that are being supported by the clicked block, which is useful if you are mining out a ceiling that might have dirt or cobble above it. An experienced miner might not need to rely on this tool, but even then, they might be surprised, a seemingly safe floor block could have hollow space behind it which can allow a collapse to trigger! The Prospector's Hammer on the other hand can warn of even these situations!

Safe test example

Unsafe test example

But wait there's more! If you shift right click with a prospector's hammer, you will be able to check the surrounding area for rock types! The better prospector you are, the deeper you will be able to check! A master level prospector can use this ability to check all three rock layers in an area at once! Do be aware though, this ability will take a big toll on your hammer's durability!

Rock type checking


-Snare Traps:

Snare recipe

Snare placed

Tired of chasing around rabbits when your food supplies run low? With the snare trap, you can take a bit of the legwork out of the process. Simply place this down in an area with small animals like rabbits and pheasants and you may soon find a fresh catch sitting in the trap! 

Snare with rabbit

If your area seems to be rather sparse of wildlife, try tossing some seeds or grains of any type in the trap. With some bait, the trap will even be able to capture animals that you had no idea were there!

Trap with bait


-Hook Javelins

Hook javelins

Hook javelin head recipe

Hook javelin recipe

Who doesn't love a grappling hook? This one comes in javelin form! Similar to the rope javelin, you can throw it at things, and then pull it back afterwards. Also similar to the rope javelin, if you hit a mob with it, you can pull it towards you. In exchange for doing less damage, the hook javelin pulls with more force! This ability however is nothing compared to the main attraction. The hook javelin can be used to grapple and swing from blocks!

How to grapple:

For starters, you are going to want to attach to a block. This part is easy, just throw the javelin at a block! Note that you can only be pulled upwards by a grapple, so if the javelin is lower than you, you cannot be pulled towards it.

Javelin attached

Once you are in the air, you have a few options. As you begin to fall, if there's enough space below you, you will swing on the rope towards the point the javelin was anchored. If you wait for your swing to subside, you can hang below the javelin.

Hanging from javelin

If you wish to climb up the rope towards the javelin, just hold right click. This only works if you are not on the ground, as right clicking on the ground will retract the javelin. If you are standing on the ground and want to grapple straight up, you would want to throw the javelin, then jump and right click to begin pulling yourself up the rope.

Climbing javelin

To lower yourself down the rope, simply hold shift. This provides a very handy method for descending steep drops. Just anchor the javelin on the edge, then jump off and hold shift to gently lower yourself down!

One final thing to note, as mentioned earlier, right clicking when standing on the ground will retract the javelin. However, right click is also how you climb the rope in midair, so if you want to pretend to be Tarzan and retract the javelin mid swing, you can do this by shift right clicking instead! Switching items or dropping the javelin is another way to do this if needed.

You may need to practice a bit to get used to how the hook javelin works, but it will allow for some pretty fun traversal when mastered!


-Rope Bridges

Rope bridge recipe

It's a bridge but made with ropes! The rope bridge gives you a nifty way to quickly construct a cool-looking bridge across gaps! Craft some rope bridge bundles out of lumber and jute fiber and toss one across a gap to create a bridge! For added convenience, once you have placed a bridge, you can instantly pick it up by shift right clicking either end of the bridge!

Throwing bridge

Completed bridge

Note, there are a few limitations on where you can place a bridge, so here are a few tips:

-A bridge will be built spanning from the location where your thrown bundle hits to the location you are standing. To get the placement right, you will want to aim your throw so the bundle hits where you want the bridge to end.

-The length of the bridge is determined by the amount of bridge bundles you have; one bundle will be consumed for each segment in the bridge, and you cannot build a bridge that has more segments than you have bundles.

-You cannot build a bridge on a diagonal. For longer bridges, you might need to try a few times to get the bundle to land in a straight line from where you are standing.

-While rope bridges can be sloped, they cannot span at a very steep angle. For best results, make sure that the heights of the start and end points are close to each other. Alternatively, throwing a longer bridge can give you more height tolerance.

-If you don't get a bridge right on the first try, don't worry! You won't consume any bridge bundles until a bridge is successfully built. You will also receive a message detailing what went wrong with the building, so keep on trying and you'll have a beautiful rope bridge in no time!

Update: New Secret Feature!

For those of you aesthetically-minded folk, if you are unsatisfied with the shape generation of a rope bridge, you are now free to tweak its shape with precision! As you might have noticed, each rope bridge block occupies a 1/8 layer of a block, and the rope bridges are generated in a pattern that ensures the blocks will all connect together. However, if you are unhappy with the default bridge pattern, simply right click any placed bridge block with a stick; this will cycle the block through the 8 different layers within the block space!

With a bit of practice, you can achieve different looking bridges, such as a bridge that is flat and rigid:

Flat bridgeOr super smoothly curved!

Curved bridge



-Rope Ladders

Rope ladder recipe

It's a ladder but made with ropes! Provides a simple but effective way to safely descend from a high place. Just place a rope ladder, and it will extend downwards until it hits the ground or you run out of ladders. You can even climb them when they aren't attached to a wall! For added convenience, once you have placed a ladder, you can instantly pick it up by shift right clicking either end of the ladder!

Rope ladder


-Gem Displays

Gem display recipe

Finally, the feature you have all been waiting for: a way to show off your countless shinies! Once you've crafted a gem display out of your favorite stone, just right click with a gem of any type and quality and it will be placed on the display! Once you've placed a gem in the display, the display will only accept more gems of the same quality, but you are free to mix and match gems of different types! From there, keep on adding gems until the display is full! The gem display can hold 8 chipped gems, 6 flawed gems, 3 normal gems, 2 flawless gems, or 1 exquisite gem! To rearrange gems, you can remove gems by right clicking with an empty hand. Become the ultimate collector!


Bonus Feature!

If you place a block on top of a gem display, the block model will change by removing the top trim, which allows it to smoothly combine with the block on top of it. What would be the purpose of this behavior? Just try placing a glass block on top of the display and you'll see!

Glass display



The following features of this mod can be configured


-Charge speed: The speed at which the sling increases in power

-Maximum power: The maximum level of power a sling can be charged up to, each power level equals 1 damage, but more power levels means more charge time is needed

-Damage multiplier to predators: The bonus damage taken by predator animals (and also skeletons!)

Bear Traps:

-Break chance: The chance a bear trap will be destroyed when picked up after it has been activated

-Predator escape chance: The chance a predator has to break out of a bear trap

-Debuff duration: The duration of the debuffs applied by a bear trap

-Health cut factor: The damage, as a fraction of current health, applied to whatever steps on the trap


-Bait capture chance: The chance of the snare to spawn and capture a random mob if none are nearby when loaded with bait. This check is done on random block updates (same updates used by things like snow for melting)

-Bait expiration chance: The chance for the bait in the trap to be consumed if a mob is not captured on update

-Break chance: The chance a snare will be destroyed when picked up after being tripped


-Bonus harvest speed: The extra speed a sharpened tool gains when harvesting its main resource

-Bonus damage: The extra damage an item will apply when sharpened

-Additional sharpen-able items: By default, whetstones work on TFC metal tools, but add any item's registry name to this list and it can be sharpened! Great for modpacks!

Snow Shoes:

-Damage Ticks: The number of ticks walking through snow required for a pair of snow shoes to take damage. Set to 0 to turn off snow damage.

-Shoe Effectiveness: How effective the snow shoes are at increasing your speed in the snow. At max, you move at normal speed in snow. At lowest, the snow shoes make no difference when walking through snow.


-Conversion chance: The chance that a male pig will be converted to a pigvil when fed a pig iron carrot

-Required Familiarity Level: The minimum level of familiarity required to convert a pig into a pigvil, the default 0.35 is the adult familiarity cap, higher values require raising a baby pig.


Shh! Don't tell the TFC mod devs! This secret feature will let you inject any special days into the TFC calendar! You just need to provide the day using the proper format, then you can add whatever day you want to the TFC calendar, whether it is a birthday, a holiday, or any other days of note! Note: playing with a shortened TFC year length (this is default in TFC) will skip over later days of the month, so days added outside the month length won't be visible on the calendar unless you extend the length of the year. Also note: existing special days in the TFC calendar will not be replaced by days added in the config. Sorry, the dev birthdays are sacred!

Master Item List:

If for some reason, you wish to disable some of the items from this addon, maybe for the purposes of a modpack, this setting gives you the option to turn on or off most of the different items/blocks in the mod. Do use this setting with caution, as disabling any items will remove them from existing worlds. Disabling any items also will not affect any related files (such as recipe jsons) so it is recommended that you remove these for disabled items to keep things neat and tidy.