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It is no wonder vanilla villagers don’t get any work done - their arms are fused together!
TekTopia frees the poor villagers’ hands and finally lets them do their jobs! Build a village in your own unique style and watch as interested visitors arrive - recruit nomads and trade with the merchant to build up a thriving town. Watch as the farmers till the ground, lumberjacks chop down trees, and the children chase each other in a merry game of tag, all the while being kept safe by the ever vigilant guards. There are over 20 different villager professions to choose from and over 18 unique structures to make your village work for you.



- Complete village overhaul! You build the village and your villagers adapt to your designs!
- Build a massive village with 100+ villagers all working in harmony
- Sell your villager products to the wandering merchant for emeralds!
- Use the emeralds to expand your village with new structures and acquire new villager professions.
- Protect your village from the evil Necromancer and his summoned army of minions!
- Over 20 different villager professions and 18 unique structures!
- In depth leveling system for your villagers involving education and training.
- Powerful custom pathfinding system allows your villagers to path hundreds of blocks with no added overhead!
- Male and Female versions of all villagers.


The Villagers

   You choose the professions your village needs most!


Bard - Plays music and entertains others villagers increasing happiness
Blacksmith - Crafts iron and diamond tools, weapon, and armor for your villagers
Butcher - Slaughters animals and harvests meat
Chef - Creates a wide variety of foods to keep your villagers well fed
Cleric - Heals and blesses other villagers
Druid - Helps grow crops and trees as well as replenishes your mineshafts
Enchanter - Enchants weapons, armor, tools and books
Farmer - Tills soil, and plants and harvests crops
Guard - Patrols the village keeping the village safe from invaders
Captain - Captain of the guard that inspires other defenders
Lumberjack - Villagers need wood. He's your guy (or gal!)
Miner - Travels deep below the earth digging out mineshafts and bringing back valuables
Rancher - Feeds and harvests animals
Teachers - Educates your childen so they can be more skilled professionals as adults
Child - Attend school and play with other children
Nitwit - Your average, unemployed bum ;-)
Nomad - Visitors come to your village looking to join
Merchant - He wanders into town daily. Trade your villager's goods for emerald profits!

The Structures

   Unlock your villager's potential with your own custom structures!


Town Hall - The heart of your village where you buy structures and new profession tokens
Storage - The central hub of all villager goods. A busy place!
Home2/4/6 - Homes for your villagers come in various sizes
Mineshaft - A tunnel below ground where Miners dig up valuables
Smithy - Where your blacksmith can be found clanging the anvil and crafting things
Cow Pen - Ranchers can raise cows and collect buckets of milk
Sheep Pen - Ranchers feed the sheep and shear wool
Pig Pen - BACON!
Chicken Coop - Ranchers will tend to the chickens and gather eggs
Butcher - Your butcher will bring animals back here for...collection.
Kitchen - The chef works her magic here cooking all sorts of delicious meals
Tavern - Villagers need to party it up! And they will do so here at night with your Bard!
Library - Smart villagers are skilled villagers! The library is critical to skilling up your citizens
School - Teachers will educate your children here and give them a massive boost that will help them as adults.
Guard Post - Guards will patrol these points, keeping an eye out for unwanted visitors.
Barracks - Your guards will sleep and train here
Merchant Stall - The Merchant will hang around here, awaiting your trades.


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