Tech Reborn

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Filename TechReborn-5.1.0.jar
Uploaded by modmuss50
Uploaded Feb 26, 2022
Game Version 1.18.1   +1
Size 4.55 MB
Downloads 348,165
MD5 a9bd6e46b4662f9ce5d38fc6721db955
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- 5.1.0 (modmuss50)
- Use translation keys on RebornCore and CellItem. Thanks to Maz-T (Tryank)
- In-depth update of chrome->chromium, thanks to Ayutac, Xanthian (Ayutac)
- Check for ability to output from side. Closes #2822 (drcrazy)
- Fix fluid rendering in GUI. Thanks to BoogieMonster1O1 (BoogieMonster1O1)
- IndGrinder recipes for Iridium ore (drcrazy)
- Change Primary output to Raw Iridium. Thanks to ErrorSys. (ErrorSys)
- Fixes Invalid recipe lag by caching validity of recipe. Thanks to aria1th. (AngelBottomless)
- Fix coolant cells recipe (drcrazy)
- Fixes #2783 (#2791). Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Removed empty line in crafting recipe. Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Fixes deepslate ores having the same hardness values as their stone variants. They shouldn't be the same.  Thanks to ErrorSys (ErrorSys)
- Removed empty line from crafting recipe. Thanks to Ayutac. (Ayutac)
- Added 2 canning machine recipes for coolant cells. Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- rebalanced tank capacities. Thanks to Ayutac. (Ayutac)
- Added properties for individual metal blocks for hardness.  Thanks to ErrorSys. (ErrorSys)
- Fix spelling, grammar, javadocs, and similar issues (#2784) (Foo)
- Add death.attack.shock.player message (#2785) (bvoo)
- Fixed datagen related bug (#2790) (Ayutac)

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