Tech Reborn

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Filename TechReborn-5.1.0-beta.5.jar
Uploaded by modmuss50
Uploaded Jan 7, 2022
Game Version 1.18.1   +2
Size 4.23 MB
Downloads 238,492
MD5 f1103f6b3e5aadfc293d6c93f96d8eff
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- #beta (drcrazy)
- Fix excessive water mill frame. (drcrazy)
- Added recipes related to nether fungus. Thanks to Ayutac. (Ayutac)
- Added 2 blaze powder related recipes (#2716) (Ayutac)
- Deleted empty columns in Wind Mill recipe. Thanks to Ayutac. (Ayutac)
- Deleted empty columns in MV trans recipe. Thanks to Ayutac. (Ayutac)
- Deleted empty columns in HV trans recipe. Thanks to Ayutac. (Ayutac)
- Added Steel Armor. Textures by Xanthian. Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Added Amethyst dust. Thanks to Xanthian. (xanthian)
- Added basic_machine_frame from RefIron Storage Block. Thanks to Ayutac. (Ayutac)
- Added drills and omnitool to full-amethyst-harvesters. Thanks to Ayutac. (Ayutac)
- Simplified crude storage unit recipe. Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Fixed behaviour of raw storage walls/slabs/stairs. Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Rebalanced drain recipe. Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Fix #2566: Implement Fabric's Fluid-containing Item API (#2706) (Technici4n)
- Add tag-based recipes for plantballs and compressed plantballs. Thanks to Adirelle (Adirelle)
- Added smelting iron plates into refined iron plates. Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Final commit to resolve #2675 I hope. Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Added tooltip for unplaceable fluids in cells. Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Update AE2 compat recipes for AE2 modid change (#2703) (xanthian)
- Update (#2696) (xanthian)
- Added tooltips for unobtainable ores. (#2663) (Ayutac)
- Vacuum Freezer: Added Blue Ice (#2673) (Ayutac)
- Fixes #2681, thanks to Xanthian and Ayutac (#2682) (Ayutac)
- Fluid overhaul (#2693) (xanthian)
- Fix experience button in Iron Furnace. Closes #2692 (drcrazy)
- Fixed bug introduced in previous commit (#2677) (Ayutac)
- Fixes #2675: cells did not check that the fluid was flowable when trying to place it (#2676) (Ayutac)
- Capacity increase for MFE and MFSU. Thanks to LauchInterceptor (Lorenz Voßgätter)
- Bump dependencies (drcrazy)
- Fix deepslate galena ore texture. Closes #2660 (drcrazy)
- Extractor: Fixed Sunflower and added Wither Rose. Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Fix texture for Greenhouse.  Thanks to LauchInterceptor (Lorenz Voßgätter)
- Rubber leaves are mineable with a hoe now (#2668) Thanks to LauchInterceptor (Lorenz Voßgätter)
- Fix mining speed for unpowered rock cutter. Closes #2597 (drcrazy)
- Added Silver Armor. Textures by Xanthian. (#2659). Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Fixed activation of root advancement. (#2658) (Ayutac)
- Fixed some warnings (drcrazy)
- TR ores fixes (#2654). Thanks to josilo (Jose)
- Simplified centrifuging meat with tags (#2651). Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Add missing tags to deepslate ores (#2650). Thanks to josilo (Jose)
- Fix chainsaws don't work for non-wood materials (#2646). Thanks to equal-l2 (equal-l2)

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