Sword Displays

The mod introduces sword displays to your minecraft world. 



To Insert an item: Right-Click with a sword (type) item | Note: You can only place one sword at a time.
To Withdraw the item: Shift + Right-Click
To Inverse Rotate the item in the display: Right-Click with an empty hand, while the display isn't empty.


In-Game Showcase:Sword Displays & Cases ShownPrecious Sword Displays


Crafting Recipes:

Sword Case Recipes

Sword Display Recipes

Precious Sword Displays and Cases Recipes

Precious Sword Displays and Cases Recipes


Video Showcase: 


Want to add more swords to the list?

To Add/Insert additional item(s) or Replace/Remove currently available ones:

1. Create a new datapack: "sworddisplay"

2. Create the following folder structure inside the datapack: "data/tags/items/"

3. Create a new file inside items/ called: "swords.json"

4. Follow the scheme/format of https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Tags


Will there be a Fabric version?

At the current moment there are NO plans to port the mod to Fabric.