Super Suit Mod (Superheroes Armors)

25,542 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 27, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

Superheroes, Villains and Anime characters armors to Minecraft


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This mod adds superheroes armor to Minecraft Java Edition


The mod adds




Superman Armor

Black Panther Armor

Batman Armor

Iron Man Armor

Wonder Woman Armor

Thor Armor

Flash Armor

Hulk Armor

Supergirl Armor

Deadpool Armor

Green Lantern Armor

Captain America Armor

Kid Flash Armor

Superboy Armor

Wolverine Armor

Spider Man Armor

Venom Armor

Omni Man Armor

Spider Man Armor (Black Suit)


All Might Armor

Red Hulk Armor

Anti-Venom Armor

Reverse Flash Armor

Moon Knight Armor

Black Flash Armor

Martian Manhunter Armor

Hulkbuster Armor

Homelander Armor

Aquaman Armor

Batman (Terry Mcginnis) Armor

Ms Kight Armor

Zoom Armor

Batgirl Armor

Shazam Armor

Yellow Lanter Armor

Shaggy Rogers Armor




Kryptonite Netherite Sword

Silver Sword

Green Willpower Sword

Wolverine Claws

Captain America Shield

Stand (JoJo)

Lightsabers(Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple and White)

Dark Lightasber/Dark Saber

Deadpool Katana

Beskar Spear