• Control the start & stop time for the burning.
  • Limit the burning to specific dimensions.
  • Control what blocks the burning.
  • Burn based off the sky or block light level!
  • Special damage type to prevent fire resistance from working.
  • Prevents instant death from burning before connecting/loading.
  • Totally customizable with datapacks.

Custom Data / Burn Rules

Burn rule datapacks are a highly configurable system for when to apply the burning to the player.
Rules are written per dimension and can be specific to a biome. Internally the rules for a dimension
are all merged. Thus, you can have multiple files for the same dimension.

All the data is also heavily validated with helpful errors in the log file. Always make sure to read the log
file if the game complains about datapack errors or the mod stops working.

Files should be placed in data\sunburn\burn_data
You can find an example file and all the docs for the mod at the source.

This mod also uses the following tags:

  • #sunburn:blocks_sundata\sunburn\tags\items\blocks_sun.json for items that will make the player safe.
  • #sunburn:always_safe_biomesdata\sunburn\tags\worldgen\biome\always_safe.json for biomes that are always safe regardless of rules.