Sully's Mod

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 We are currently working on a remake for , here's a doc with all the current completed consepts!

There's more to come, this is just everything I got so far that I'm completely happy with:

Google Doc



My name is not Sully by the way, I used Sully as a placeholder name for the mod and I thought it was funny to keep it...



Dev team:


Sully: Artist, animator, gameplay dev, idiot

Uraneptus, MiteBeMana : Programmers, the people who actually know how to make things work



"What is planned for the remake?"

- Here is a doc with all of the planned concepts that are done: Google Doc

There is more to come though!


"Why are you remaking the mod?"

Check this twitter thread out 


"Is this mod still being worked on?"

- Yes very much, we are actively working on the remake!


"For which minecraft version will the mod be remade?"

- 1.18+. A backport is currently not planned! 



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