Start your garden! Sprout is a mod that aims to enhance Minecraft's agriculture system in your world!

To see both Forge and Fabric releases go here.


            What does this mod add?

  • Elephant - Spawns in meadows and tamed with peanuts, will water any plants nearby after filling up on by any nearby water source.
  • Bounce Bugs - Spawning in crimson and warped forests, these can be bottled & used to grow nearby nether wart and mushrooms.
  • Peanut Crop - Found in meadows, the peanut is a new farm crop that can be harvested and grown.
  • Various Food Items - New pies, cookies, jams, and sandwiches have been added. (As of 1.4.0 this has been moved to Cozy)
  • Crossbreeding - Craft a flower box, place 3 with a flower on each end to get any of the 16 colors of any vanilla flower!

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           🎨 Frogipher#4778 (Art)
           💻 ThatGravyBoat#0001 (Code)

           ðŸ”— Ebyc#2022 (Animations)

           ðŸ’» CodexAddrian#5885 (Code prior to Sprout 1.1.0)

           🔗 Condorcrest#8406 (Animations prior to 1.19 release)


           As long as credited, Sprout may be used in modpacks, youtube videos, etc.