Spooky Biomes

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A medium sized mod that was created during SpookyJam 2017 in the first two weeks of October adding two biomes with two trees and a few blocks by the end of the event.


The mod has since been rewrote, with plenty of new content and more in the works!

For now though don't get too spooked and remember to keep your ears alert for dangers that lurk in the mist...

Bloodied Hills biome.
Bloodied Hills biome

Seeping Forest biome.

Seeping Forest biome

Ghostly Forest biome.

Ghostly Forest biome


Sorbus Forest biome.

Sorbus Forest biome



The Forgotten Warlock can be seen in either the Ghostly Forest or the Sorbus Forest biomes.

He is known to attack zombies, skeletons and you the player with projectiles so be careful around him and make sure you stay at least 16 blocks away.

Each tree type has it's own planks, fences, doors and all other wood like blocks to go with them with the vanilla feel, there is more new content planned so keep an eye out for updates in the coming weeks.