NOTICE: If you download the 0.9.5-1.7.2 or versions, open the zip with WinRAR or 7-zip, and take out the .jar file inside it. Install the mod using ONLY the .jar file.

If you decide to make a mod review of the mod, please use the latest released version of the mod to review it.
Requirements for showcase: http://mcreator.pylo.si/forum/5452/spencerios-mod-mod-showcases-wanted

Hello! This will be the CurseForge page for my mod, Spencerio's Mod Mod. Spencerio's Mod Mod is a mod with the hope of making Minecraft much more rewarding again, as well as add in some really cool stuff that is challenging to get but whose rewards are awesome (such as the Customizable and Boss Spawners, whose recipes are extraordinarily expensive but allow you to spawn any mob in the game, including long-lost GIANTS, without any cheats)! Right now it adds loads of ores, tools, armor, and ingots/drops, and adds craftable spawn eggs and craftable music discs into the game, as well as a new type of dungeon, a Help Block and Help Block GUI, and much more, such as a few flowers and the best stuff added, in my opinion: the Customizable Spawner and Boss Spawner. You can even spawn Giants from long-lost Minecraft with the Customizable Spawner, as well as spawn the bosses using the Boss Spawner! The original download page is at:




TO DOWNLOAD: At the top-right corner of this page, you will see a link that says "Download". Click that, and it will lead you to the download page of the latest version, and will have a changelog. Click "Download" in the top-right corner again, save the file to wherever you want that is easily accessed, then follow the installation instructions further down in the description.

Earlier downloads: See original download page (above latest download link).

Now the rewrite is complete! Download the 1.7.2 version in the normal way!

This page will become better as I post more screenshots and such,.

Credit goes to:

Me, Spencerio
Parker 8283, for rewriting the mod, which saves my mod from discontinuation, and made my mod 1.7.2 Forge compatible, and also is helping me to learn java coding, and for making the mod easier to code in his spare time without my request. THANKS! =D
My friend moopyman for some great ideas (I'll [maybe] eventually make a mod pack with him)
Gildefyre for some helpful criticism and for agreeing to make any textures I need made
MarkPlaysMC, A.K.A. CreepersGonnaCreep, for some ideas, his mod review, and for spreading word of this mod.
xplasmakid mc for his showcase and support
Bioniclops for his coming showcase and support, as well as his modded survival series in which he has included my mod in.
Everyone who has contributed ideas and/or answered the poll
And finally, but definitely not least, MCreator, which made the creation of this mod possible.

I will check this page at least once every other day. Also, I won't recognize criticism if you say it in a rude or inappropriate manner. Don't be afraid to criticize it, though, because I will be thankful for more ideas. I'm trying to learn how to java code right now, so look out for other mods made by Spencerio (I'm using MCreator, but will start coding myself as soon as possible. I know some stuff already)! Let's try for 10000+ downloads! Also, if you're interested in making a mod spotlight, post a request on either this page or the download page, and if I agree, please post the link on one of the pages: this page or the original download page.



The changelog can be found on the original download page (see link at top).

For recipes, use either Not Enough Items or CraftGuide (CraftGuide is recommended most).
See the "Images" tab up at the top of this page. (Next to "Files" and "Tickets")

Installation (Windows):

1. Download the recommended forge installer at: http://files.minecraftforge.net/
2. Open the forge installer with Java TM SE Platform Binary (javaw.exe), and then click "Install Client" when the installer comes up. Make sure you open it with Java. (if your icon for the .jar file is the java logo, double-click it.)
3. Download the mod
4. Go to start menu, then type %appdata%, click on Roaming, go into .minecraft, and open your mods folder (if you don't have a mods folder in .minecraft, make one, and be sure that the folder "mods" doesn't have ANY caps in its name).
5. Put the mod's .zip or .jar file into the mods folder.
6. Run the new launcher, select the Forge profile, then play.

Source and Copyright/license:

The mod is now open-source!:
Download the source from:


The license:


Incompatible mods:

Any mods NOT compatible with Forge (Such as Better Than Wolves by FlowerChild)
More to be listed

Compatible mods:

Too Much TNT
Lucky Block
Weather & Tornadoes Mod
CodeChickenCore (Obviously, otherwise NEI wouldn't work!)
NEI (Not Enough Items)
Minions Mod
Custom Ore Generation Revived

(1.7.2) All Forge mods. If there are biome ID conflicts, just go to this mod's config file and change the biome ID to a non-conflicting one. (config file is located in config folder in .minecraft
More coming soon


Let's plays:


Episode 1:


xplasmakid mc:

Kevaka Worlds:
Mine, Part 1:

Mine, Part 2:
More coming very soon!

Due to the amount of stuff in this mod, if you think I should remove stuff from the mod, specify what in a comment, please. (Play before you post or watch a mod review before you post, please!)
I now know that the mod has more than 5000 downloads! WOW. =D
If you use the mod, if you have a slow computer, I recommend using OptiFine AND FpsPlus to increase the FPS by a ton. I don't recommend OptiLeaves as much, because even though it boosts FPS considerably, it makes trees derpy. (May be fixed by now, I don't know)