Soviet Era Mod(earlier Soviet Lab)

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At the moment, to port the mod on version 1.13+ (1.14.2 and 1.15.2), a developer familiar with these versions is required. I don’t have neither the time nor the desire to port the mod now. If you have the opportunity, I will gladly help you, provide source codes and comments, as well as help.


I greet you, comrade, on the official page of the Soviet Era mod on CurseForge. Soviet Era is a mod inspired by urbantourism and late Soviet architecture.



With this mod you can:
Build your long model houses:


To build huge complexes of research institutes and lab of the USSR:



Build huge factories:



Metro Station:


With superprotected perimeters - barbed wire, vibration cable, live wire, perimeter lighting.


Military units:




 And also a lot of decorative blocks!:

The screenshot does not show all the blocks.*



And much more! Download and have fun! Enjoy the game with the Soviet Era mod!



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Старый видеообзор



Take a walk through the abandoned laboratories right now in the version of the mod 0.2.1!


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