Welcome to Sonorama. A 1.16.5 mod that 70+ adds animals from Aridoamerica (specifically Sonoran, Mojave & Chihuahuan Deserts) to Minecraft! Animals and plants do spawn in survival but the mod is not entirely survival friendly and was made more for creative builders.

Plants and some mobs are now cross compadible with biomes from Natural Decor Mod!

Mod made by Marioz, Evirapo, SpinoyOnyx and Coda! Icon made by JayMD : )
Icon Made by JayMD

Animals Currently In-game:


-Virginia Opossum (With North Mexican, Texas, Luecistic and regular variants)
-Four Eyed Opossum (With Black, Gray and Brown variants)
-Coyote (With Texas, Durango, San Pedro Martir, and Mearn's variants)
-Jaguarundi (With Black, Gray and Ginger variants)
-Skunk (With Striped & Spotted variants)
-Mouse Opossum (With Mexican & Gray variants)
-White Nosed Coatimundi
-Desert Pronghorn
-American Badger

-Yellow Bellied Marmot
-American Beaver
-Black Footed Ferret
-Nelson's Antelope Squirrel
-Long-Tailed Weasel
-Gray Fox
-Desert Pack Rat
-California Ground Squirrel

-Black Tailed Prairie Dog
-Long-nosed Bat
-Mexican Free Tailed Bat
-Hoary Bat



-Pine Nut Parrots (With Thick-billed and Maroon Fronted variants)
-Magpies (With Yellow billed & Black billed variants)

-Vulture (With Black & Turkey variants)
-Elegant Trogon
-Eared Quetzal
-Montezuma Quail
-Cedar Waxwing
-Olive Sparrow
-House Finch
-Blue Grosbeak
-Black Pheobe
-Great Kiskadee
-Desert Cardinal

-Phainopepla Cardinal
-Curve-billed Thrasher 
-Cactus Wren
-Red-faced Warbler

-Painted Bunting
-California Scrub Jay
-Steller's Jay
-Green Jay
-Pinyon Jay
-Black-throated Magpie-Jay
-Lesser Goldfinch
-Black-bellied Whistling Duck

-California Condor



-Spiny Lizards ( White Sands, Western Fence, Granite Spiny, and Desert Spiny, Nobel Spiny, Blue Spotted, Minor Spiny and Prairie Fence Lizard.)

-Ensatina Salamander (Yellow eyed ensatina ,Yellow spotted ensatina ,Monterey ensatina ,Large-blotched ensatina variants)
-Horned Lizard ( With Texas Horned, and Round-tailed Variants)
-King Snake (With Desert, Mexican and Californian variants)

-Collared Lizard (With Desert, and Eastern Variants)
-Western Hognose Snake
-Mexican Vine Snake
-Gila Monster
-Cape Spiny-tailed Iguana
-Texas Blind Salamander

-Central American Tree Snake
-Mexican Mole Lizard



-Pupfish (With Desert, Devil's Hole, & Death Valley variants)
-Sinaloan Cichlid (With Green & Orange variants)
-Texas Cichlid (With Regular, Luecistic, Piebald variants)
-Minckley's Cichlid (With Regular, Luecistic, Piebald variants)
-Nevada Springfish (With White River Springfish, Railroad Springfish, and Pahrump Poolfish variants)
-Gila Chub
-Alligator Gar
-Shortfin Molly
-Cave Shortfin Molly
-Widemouth Blind Catfish
-Sonoran Sucker



-San Diego Fairy Shrimp
-Desert Ironclad Beetle
-Velvet Ant



Sonorama Showcase by SmithyMC

For more content relative to North America's Deserts, I highly suggest to check out Koopa's Critters & Natural Decor Mod!