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Skyblockcatia is a small mod that contain features for Hypixel Skyblock listed at full feature spoiler below.



- In-game API Viewer

Please don't complain me I'm not ready to make this finished with limited time ;-;


- Item Rarity


- Toast Notifications


- Auction Bids Overlay


- Fixed Skin Rendering for most Talismans


- Fixed Enchanted Glint rendering on skulls


- Glowing Dragon Armor! (Overlay works only with Hypixel HQ Skyblock Pack, Head always glow without RS)


- Exact Event Estimated Time (Sync to your timezone)



GUI Settings

For Minecraft 1.8.9

- F4 - Main Settings for Hypixel SkyBlock


For Minecraft 1.16.5+

- O - Main Settings

- F8 - API Viewer
- Num2 - View Crafted Minions
- Add - Open Crafting Table
- Num5 - Open Ender Chest
- M - Open Skyblock Menu
- Apostrophe - Open Fandom Wiki when hover on item
- B - View Item Recipe


Full Feature List


* /sbapi - View Player API in-game
* /sbbazaar - View simple item price on Bazaar
* /sbapirefresh - Refresh API Data



* Fully compatible with SkyblockAddons 1.5.1+
* Zealot Spawn cooldown in the end
* Grappling Hook cooldown
* Jungle Axe/Treecapitator block break cooldown
* Option to show Ender Dragon Hitbox automatically when dragon spawned
* Option to show Only Ender Dragon/Ender Crystal Hitbox in Dragon Nest
* Port 1.12.2 Multipart entity hitbox rendering for Ender Dragon
* Visit Island/Rare Drop/Fish Catch/Gift/Dugeon Quality Drop Toast (Shows on top right of screen)
* Add party when click on chat message
* Right click on player to add party
* Chat Mode (Party, Guild, SB Coops)
* Show current server day when switch server or in the HUD
* Show Event/Bank Interest/Pet Care/Auction Ends exact time in item tooltip instead of estimate time
* Shortcut Menu button in player inventory screen (Ender Chest, Crafting Table, Wardrobe, Pets, SB Menu) when in inventory GUI (Trades, Shop Trading Options, etc.)
* Chat GUI shows in inventory screen (Player Trade, Ender Chest, Craft Item, Trades, Shop Trading Options, Runic, Your Bids, Bank, Bank Deposit, Bank Withdraw, Reforge Accessory, Catacombs Gate)
* Item Rarity overlay
* Bazaar Sell/Buy price on item tooltip
* Search by price in Auction Browser
* Glowing Dragon Armor/Diver Armor (SkyBlock Pack only)
* Show bid and unbid overlay on item in Auction Browser
* Middle click in Auction Browser to view seller auction
* Prevent clicking and tooltips on dummy items (Glass Pane and other items)
* Selection List on sign (Auction Price, Auction Query, Bank Withdraw, Bank Deposit, Bazaar Order)
* Disable Bow/Axe Reequip Animation (Item bobbing animation, Not bow recharge, See Forge Patch)
* Disable Boss Bar Dark Lighting (causes by dummy wither on server side)
* Fixed switching armor causes hurt camera effect
* Placed Summoning Eye tracker
* More accurate boss bar for Ender Dragon health
* Auction Bid confirm
* Disable block particles option
* Ignore Bush hitbox option
* Only mineable block hitbox option (Same as adventure mode)
* Ignore Interact Invisible Armor Stand option
* Automatic Open Maddox option
* Sneak to trade on other player island option
* Special Zealot with End Portal Frame rendered with gold block option
* Lobby Player Viewer option
* Better Hand animation when right click with skull items
* Display Max Used of Item Ability config
* Prevent scroll hotbar while fighting dragon config
* Coins info in Reforge Item screen


API Viewer

* Base Info Viewer (Health, Fairy Souls, Bank Account, etc.)
* Show all player inventory and armor
* Show collections/crafted minions
* Skills Viewer - Including skill average and skill progress
* Slayers Viewer - Shows mob, your current EXP, progress bar to next level, total amount on each slayer, total amount spent all slayers, total slayer EXP, current active slayer
* Other Stats Viewer - Shows all your SkyBlock Stats (Kills, Deaths, Others)
* Pointed on player and press F8 to view their profile


Client changes/fixes

* Port 1.14 Sign editing
* Option to change glint rendering from 1.15
* Lightning Bolt rendering fix (Workaround)
* Fixed Fishing Hook in 3rd mode
* Fixed Enderman teleport glitch on client side
* Fixed most 2D texture entities rendering in 3rd mode
* Fixed nameplate rendering in 3rd mode
* Fixed XPOrb rendering
* Fixed bad position of GuiControls button
* Fixed Guardian Beam rendering
* Fixed vanilla skin rendering
* Fixed enchantment glint rendering on skull
* Fixed firework blast particle rendering
* Glowing Skin rendering only for me


How to install

For Minecraft 1.8.9

- Install Minecraft Forge 1.8.9 (

- Download mod and put it into your .minecraft/mods folder.

- Done

For Minecraft 1.16.5

- Install Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 (36.1.0) or latest

- Download SteveKunG's Lib

- Download mod and put it into your .minecraft/mods folder.

- Done


Compatible mods

- SkyblockAddons 1.5.1+

- OptiFine

- Patcher 1.5+

- Not Enough Updates

- Smooth Font

- Apec

- Skypixel

- Indicatia (Minecraft 1.16.5+)


Incompatible mod

- Frames+ 2.0 (Use Patcher 1.5+ instead)



Q: I have an issue / bug / crash / report / request, where can I send it?

A: SkyBlockcatia GitHub Issues Page

Q: This will be updated to modern version?

A: Yes, currently is 1.16.5 (I'd say no to 1.12.2 and do not ask me to support it)



You can use this mod in your modpack.
You are not allowed to re-upload this mod to other sites! 



LeaPhant - Inspiration to make an In-game API Viewer, Check out her website!

matdoes - Inspiration to make an In-game API Viewer, Check out his website!

My Supporters - Without those people this mod couldn't exist! Full List


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