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Sky Fabricator (Fabric)

  • hammers, crush dirt to find pebbles and sapplings, stone/cobble to gravel, gravel to sand, sand to clay, charcoal block gives 8 charcoal and may drop diamond nugget
  • Wooden Cauldron to collect water.
  • kiln to melt cobblestone into lava (16 cobble), fuel is charcoal/coal blocks
  • crucible (can hold water or lava) made of clay, and cooked in the kiln
  • charcoal block
  • wooden crook (get 1 Sapling for each Leave Block)
  • composter produces Dirt Blocks


1.17.1 Versions:
fork / continuation of Sky Utils by nicguzzo with my own changes / fixes. It is using the same Namespace so it is not compatible with Sky Utils.

1.18.x Versions:
it is using a new Namespace and is mostly my own port of Sky Utils to 1.18.x but it does not have the WorldGen features included.