Simply Utilities provides a small collection of functions and items to fill some niches, all fully configurable.



Current features



  • Teleport to bed.
  • Teleport to spawn.
  • Settable home points(max number configurable, default 3).



  • Ender Inhibitor

Anchors down Endermen and Shulkers, preventing them from teleporting within its range(configurable).

  • Online Detector

Emits redstone when the player who placed it is online.



  • Exoskeleton Leggings

Absorbs fall damage while equipped.

  • Mini-coal / Mini-charcoal

Small pieces of coal/charcoal that smelt 1 item.

  • Charcoal block

Charcoal storage block. 


Convenience recipes

  • Crafting 2 logs into 16 sticks.
  • Smelting rotten flesh into leather.
  • Crafting a sticky piston from tagged slime balls.
  • Crafting 4 chests from 8 logs.


Utility Tags

  • EntityType: simplyutilities:no_griefing, to selectively block mob griefing.



  • Double doors opening at the same time by hand.


Zoom Hotkey

Configurable zoom hotkey, can also be configured live with "/su zoom"


Compatibility tweaks

Making AE2 use Silicon from other mods.(hit and miss depending on mc version)



Future planned features:

Rain stopper.

Variable redstone emitter.

Power controller.