A server-side Simple Voice Chat addon mod for Fabric adding a radio block capable of streaming mp3 radio streams.


This mod may not be able to play all mp3 streams. The mp3 stream must be playable by JLayerPlease don't report issues if the stream you are trying to play is not working.


  • Install this mod alongside Simple Voice Chat on your server
  • Make sure you set up the voice chat mod correctly (see here)
  • Get the mp3 livestream URL of your favorite radio station
  • Enter the command /radio create "<stream-url" "<station-name>" to create a radio block
  • Place the radio block
  • Right-click the radio block to turn it on


  • /radio create "<stream-url" "<station-name>" [radius] - Gives you a radio playing the provided mp3 stream. Specifying a radius limits the distance that the radio can be heard from manually, otherwise, the server default for distance is used (see config below)

How to get Radio Stream URLs

You might find the stream URL on your radio stations' website. If you want to search for a radio station, streamurl.link might have it.


Property Description Default
radio_range The audible range of radios 48.0
command_permission_level The permission level required to use the radio command 0
radio_skin_url The skin url for the radio block  
show_music_particles Whether to show music particles true
music_particle_frequency The frequency of the music particles in milliseconds 2000