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Ships Mod


Ships mod lets you build a ship out of blocks and sail it around the Minecraft world!

Other mods have attempted this in the past. Some of these projects have been abandoned, and in my opinion, the remaining ones leave something to be desired. Ships mod is my take on how I think sailing should work in Minecraft and this aims to be a high-quality and feature-rich mod.


  • Adds block-based ship entities to Minecraft
  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer support
  • Ships have physical properties like:
    • Buoyancy/Weight
    • Thrust/Drag
  • The blocks you choose determine the ship's physical properties
    • Configure block properties per server
  • Ships collide with players, the world, and each other
  • Walk around on your ship, even while it's sailing
  • Launch your ship to sail, dock it to change the blocks
  • Point your ship in any 360° direction
  • Ships actually displace water (no water inside your ships)
  • Supports ships up to 10,000 blocks in size

The ship launch GUI


Ships can be propelled by sails!




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