📖 About:

Ever got used to traveling the oceans with Frost Walker, only to get a horse and suddenly have to be bound to solid ground again? Or do you ever feel like while your armor keeps on improving with enchantments, your horse just gets left behind? Well I've been there one too many times and decided to come up with a solution: Shiny Horses Forge is a mod that lets you enchant horse armor the same way you enchant your own!

Use various types of Protection to protect your horse from damage, give it Feather Falling so it takes less damage from falls, or give it Frost Walker so you can traverse the oceans in style. But that is not the limit, any armor enchantment you like, should work the same for your horse!

✅ Features:

  • Adds the ability to enchant Horse Armor!
  • Any armor enchantment should work on Horse Armor as well
  • Apply them the same way you'd enchant your armor
  • Horse Armor gets the same shiny visual effect as your own
  • Currently only on Forge, Fabric coming soon!

🔧 Configuration:

  • None at the moment!

🤝 Pairs well with:

Anvil Never Too Expensive

Anvil Never Too Expensive: This mod removes the level cap when repairing or enchanting items at the anvil!

Mended Mending: This mod reworks the Mending enchantment to still require repairing equip using resources!

🖼️ Preview: 

Simply enchant Horse Armor!

Adding enchantments on an anvil works as expected!

Frost Walker on Horse Armor makes traversing water a blast!


🧾 Changelog:

1.0 - Sep 11, 2022:

Initial release for 1.18 & 1.19


1.1 - Sep 11, 2022:


Fixed the game crashing on some 1.18 Forge versions due to deprecated mixin target
Fixed crashes on some 1.19 Forge versions caused by a typo in the mixins refMap path


1.2 - Sep 11, 2022:


Fixed ambiguous mixin target causing crashes on newest Forge versions


1.2 - Sep 18, 2023:

Initial release for 1.19.4 and 1.20