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A tower in the Shadowlands

A picture of one of the towers in the Shadowlands

How to summon the first boss

This picture shows how to summon the first boss (the awakened star) it has 500 health and creates a lot of explosions

Some mobs in the Shroomlands

A Disgruntled Shroom and a Jellyfish (Jellyfishes look very similar to spore mines)

A generator in the Fogotten desert

Generators can be found in the Fogotten desert, put Oil above the generator block and insert a battery to power it

The Vellium

The mountains in the Vellium dimention

A Vellium Megabee


The Bloodlust dimension

The Bloodlust dimension is a truely evil place, it even has a special screen effect

The Red Knight

The most powerfull boss in the game, it has 2500 health so bring the best gear you have to fight it!

A Cloud Tower in the Vellium dimention

Cloud Towers can be found in the Cloud Field biome

A Blue Gem Station

Blue Gem Stations can turn blue gems into XP

A rusty tower in the Forgotten Desert

The remnants of a lost civilisation

Vellium Portal Tower

One of the many different towers in the Shadowlands, this one has the key to the Vellium dimention

A tower in the Glowshroom Forest

A tower found in the Glowshroom Forest

The Velium dimention

A mountain in the Velium dimention next to a Cloud Field

A lightning storm

A lightning storm in the Bloodlust dimention

The Anti Repost screen

The message shows up when you join the game, it's made to discorage the idiot mod stealers

The new Ooblen biome added in the 2.0 update

The Glowing Forest in the 2.0 update

A structure in the Vellium dimension - added in the 2.0 update

The new Brasswood Hills biome added in 2.1

Covishrooms (sorry about the name I couldn't think of anything else to call them)

Treehouse in the new Overgrown Forest biome

Found in the Glowshroom Forest

Woodland mansions now appear in the Glowshroom Forest

as of version 2.3

Villager trades in the Treehouse

The new Tremulite Forest in the Forgotten desert

Added in verson 2.3

New painting

Added in version 2.3

Stalagmites/stalactites in the Glowshroom Forest

Added in version 2.3

A huge purple mushroom in the Glowshroom Forest

Added in version 2.3

Awakened star + Doom star

The Awakened star is the first boss, it has 500 health. The Doom star is the second boss in the game, it has 1500 health and can be summoned at a huge arena in the Shadowlands dimension

An Emperor Wither in the nether

The trades from a vellium trader

(the command block has nothing to do with this)

The Red Castle

largest structure in the mod, a boss can be fought at the top


A new dimension added in 2.4

the Guardian Boar

A new boss added in 2.4

The Ascendant Star

A new boss added in 2.4

The Red Nightmare

A new boss added in 2.4

The Averite Forest

(added in the 2.5 update, 1.16.5 only) generates in Sparkpolia

Averite Warrior

(added in the 2.5 update, 1.16.5 only) spawns in Sparkpolia