Immersive Travel Overhaul

960 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 15, 2021 Game Version: 1.17

Fabric api required for fabric version


This mod removes coordinates from the F3 menu and instead replaces them with an array of more immersive items! very immersive


with this item you can find out your coordinates in the world in a more immersive way, no need to use the ugly f3 menu.









Crafting recipes


 sextant 1.16


sextant 1.17






feel free to add this to your mod pack, i aint gonna stop you.



this mod is probably incompatible with any mod that touches code relating to the f3 menu


To do:

  • make a proper GUI for the item, where you have to actually find stars/ the sun to see your position.
  • make 3rd person animation for using the item.
  • (maybe)make the sextant only work at certain times of the minecraft day.
  • make the sextant only work in certain dimensions, add other ways to navigate in the nether and end.


this is my first mod ever so if theres any issues with it plz let me know.

it may or may not have spaghetti code, not like i would know lol. if it didnt before, it most definitely does now.


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