Are you entirely sick of finding mods that forgot to set the name of the items, blocks, entities or countless other things in their mod for the language you use so all you see is item.stupid.entry?


This mod will help you fix these! 

  1. Install mod.
  2. Load a world up.
  3. Use a text editor CTRL-F to search for "====SET.MY.NAME SEARCH TAG====" to find the list of missing lang entries in the game log.
    4. Copy paste the entries into a datapack and/or report them to the mod dev that needs to fix them!

    Why should you fix this stuff? Mainly because other mods may rely on this data existing and it really doesn't take long to do. This mod will speed up any correcting these issues and getting the info to devs! Translators could use this also to find objects that need to be translated too.

    Seriously people, name yer junk..... This was made after playing two modpacks with countless missing lang entries.