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A unique take on Minecraft manhunt with stealth and horror elements, for 4-8+ players. Survivors need to reach a stronghold and escape through the end portal before the Sculk trackers kill them all!


The game starts with a preparation phase before the actual hunt begins. At the end of the preparation phase, 1 out of 5 players will be chosen to become Sculk trackers, and the hunt will last for the rest of the game. (Note: As the world will be set to constant night time, it's recommended to use a mod such as Carpet to adjust mob spawn rates / caps)


Sculk catalysts will spawn and spread around players. Survivors need to destroy them in order to obtain ender eyes to help them reach the stronghold and open the portal. Sculk trackers can see vibrations through walls but cannot see stealthy or invisible players.


Each survivor has one life: upon dying, they join the Sculk trackers to hunt the remaining survivors, until there is none left or all other survivors escaped.


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