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Description Discord Patreon Youtube ❓About : SCP: Overtime is a Java Survival mod for version 1.20.1, with the goal of adding SCPs to Minecraft as a tribute to the SCP Community as a whole. The mod is a rebrand of the SCP:XK Unity Addon. Explore the world, complete the advancements to earn rewards, and use those rewards to acquire more SCPs. OLDER VERSIONS ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTED, ONLY 1.20+ Wiki Credits for 1.16.5: Fomakk (Russian Translator) StrickBrick, DydyOOF, Interlude, Tac0dile (Poster Contest) sfortza (Compressing sounds) Tecno578 (Help with the Code) DISCLAIMER: MOST AUDIOS WERE NOT MADE BY ME; THE SOUNDS WERE MADE BY MAZELLMI. We have decided to partner up with BisectHosting in order to bring you a quality server host. Need a small server to play with friends? Don't know how to set one up and don't want to bother with it? Just rent an already configured server - install and update SCP: Overtime, The Box of Horrors and many other mods in one click! Click on the link below, select plan (3GB recommended if playing with this mod) and use the code kuromodding get 25% off your first month on any game server and enjoy playing with your friends!