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About :

SCP: Obscurity is a mod for 1.16.5 (Still in the works, there is an Older version for 1.12.2 that won't get updated anymore) that adds obscure/not-well known SCPs into Minecraft. Heading to be both survival and creative friendly, being able to work in both game modes. It is made with MCreator so there is a lot of limitations for what can be done but I am trying my best to make it work as best as it possibly can.

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Features :

See Addendum - SCP: Obscurity Features Doc/1 (Literally Doesn't Exist Yet)

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Dev Log :

Thought I should finally update this and fill you in, almost nothing has been done on the actual mod so far. I've been doing other things. Like, working on designs for the Features Doc and working on another mod for fun. I want to come back to this later but not right now.

Announced Models:
SCP-122 “No More Monsters”

Un-Announced Models:
SCP-████-█ “█████ ███ ████████” (It’s a Secret)

Announced Re-Models:
“Staff of Hermes”
SCP-046 “Predatory Holly Bush”
SCP-072 “The Foot Of The Bed”
SCP-432 “Cabinet Maze”
SCP-329-J “The Ghost Sign”

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Links : Youtube

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