SCP: Obscure

17,822 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 1, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Yo an Announcement:
This mod has merged with SCP XK Unity/SCP:ΩverTime,
because literally nothing is happening on that mod due to reason I will be resuming this mod!
Luckily I still have all my backups saved and I can resume where I left off on the rework of the mod.
If you have questions leave them below and i'll try to get to them as fast as I can.
!Update! I am in the process of redoing the mod from scratch and in the process I have decided to update the mod's version to 1.16.4! I'm still working really hard on it so be on watch for it in the future!
Another thing, it might take a really long time for the new build, I have other projects and my mental health isn't the best currently. I won't let it stop me though. Sorry in Advance.

!Warning! It has come to my attention that this mod has been uploaded to other sites, DO NOT download them from there. They may contain viruses and other malware. The only sites I have uploaded this mod too are here and Planet Minecraft.
This is made in MCreator so I am very limited in what I can do right now but I test, experiment, and try my hardest to make it as good as possible and as close to what's in the document as I can.
This mod can either be used by itself or in conjunction with lockdown for some extra goodies! (As Of Update v0.4)
This mod is not finished and is in testing right now
This mod adds different ways of obtaining the SCPs than Lockdown
Sorry if I don't respond in a timely manner, I check in to this site from time to time, I am more active on discord if you want to ask me anything there.
The Unity Doors have issues with block updating and only work as a single door, NOT DOUBLE DOORS, DO NOT make double doors out of them. Do not say I didn't warn you, you may not be able to open your save again if you do. [You can't dupe them anymore lmao]

- SCPs (I swear I did)
- Zone Blocks
- Cabinet Maze
- Music Discs
- Cellular Devices! (They are Important I swear)
- Anomalous Essences
- Some Other Things That I Forgot and am Too Lazy to Find Right Now!!!!!11!

Dr. Mann's Proposal "The Spiral Path"
SCP-_41-J "Speedster Chicken" (Custom Joke SCP)
SCP-003 "Biological Motherboard"
SCP-010 "Collars of Control"
SCP-046 "Predatory Holly Bush"
SCP-072 "The Foot of The Bed"
SCP-198 "Cup o' Joe"
SCP-329-J "The Ghoooost Siiiign"
SCP-432 "Cabinet Maze"
SCP-626 "Vision Altering Sculpture"
SCP-698 "Judgmental Turtle"
SCP-701-1 "The Hanged King"
SCP-1926 "The Mewts"
SCP-2740 "It Wasn't There"
SCP-2761 "Bananazilla"
SCP-3375 "Travelling Garden Eels"
SCP-3386 "Night Owls"
SCP-3421 "Cellphone Trees"
SCP-3608 "The Living Dimension"

Additional Info:
To craft any SCPs (besides 010, 2740, and 3608) you are gonna need Anomalous Essence. Anomalous Essence is retrieved from SCP-001 which spawns in Jungles and Jungles Edge
SCP-2740 spawns in Forest Biomes and SCP-3608 spawns in Deserts
SCP-432's Maze spawns 20 blocks underneath 432 when it's initially opened
If you are playing on a server with this mod, make sure to have Command Blocks enabled otherwise SCP-2740 will not function properly
SCP-701 and SCP-046's Essences spawn structures
To Leave SCP-3608 you need to find a Grey Cube
To Leave SCP-2740 right click the Black Square on the floor

How Everything Works Currently:
001: Spawns in Jungles, you put in different ores and you get back essence you use for crafting. (Will Change in the Future)
_41-J: A Chicken that runs fast, that's it.
010: You can craft this without essence. What it does in the 1.12 build is that when you put it on, for every color is a different  armor value, you change the colors by putting a red 010 into the Radio Transceiver. To get into the transceiver you right click it with the hand-held radio in hand. (Will Change in the Future)
046: You get close to it and it'll start hurting you. Drops holly which is not a very reliable food source. (Will Change in the Future)
072: When you right click on it it'll make you blind for a few seconds and take 2 hearts from your health bar. (Will Change in the Future)
198: When picked up it'll get stuck to your off-hand, it'll give you a variety of effects and start killing you if you don't eat. (Will Change in the Future)
329-J: When you right click it or leave it idle for a while, it'll start talking, rarely when you right click you'll be given a special item.
432: When placed you need to power it with redstone to open it and when it's open can you enter by right clicking. The Maze spawns 20 blocks underneath the cabinet when initially opened. When inside you can find 432-1 which attacks like a normal mob. (Will Change in the Future) [This one is pending an overhaul in it's mechanics]
626: When you get close you'll get blinded (Will Change in the Future)
698: When you have it in-hand you can right click on blocks and it'll give you advice about those blocks. (Currently a Cut Candidate but if it isn't cut will change in the future)
701: When you spawn the theatre you can find the hanged king inside, when you get near him you'll get the wither effect. (Will Change in the Future)
1926: The Mewts will wander around and not do much, when Flopsy or Snoozee come around them they start to go after them. 
2740: Spawns naturally in forests and roofed forests, right click on the ladder inside to get teleported to the attic, when inside you get blindness. To leave you right click the black square on the floor of the attic. (Will Change in the Future)
2761: Attacks like a normal mob (Will Change in the Future)
3375: When spawned a tank with a few of them will spawn. You can give them seeds and they'll give back gold nuggets. They will despawn in a Minecraft day.
3386: Invisible during the day-time and cannot attack. At night they will become visible, and they'll start to attack. They can teleport to you periodically to keep chase.
3421: You can craft this without essence. Once you craft a phone, you can plant it in the ground to grow a 3421. Rarely you'll get a special tree (Will Change in the Future)
3608: Spawns naturally in deserts, when you right click it you'll get teleported to 3608, once there you have to find a grey cube. (Will Change in the Future) [ Pending Overhaul]

Social Links:
Youtube I will start posting Test videos for new SCPs in the mod and I also post other stuff too 
Discord Thing Kinda I don't have my own Discord server but because I am a Co-Owner to Kuro Modding and I work on SCP:ΩverTime, Gus gave me my own channel, I post updates and stuff there so yea

/biogrowth (Is on by default, when you type it in chat it will turn off SCP-003 spreading, say it again to turn the spreading back on.)

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