Rustic is small-ish mod that mainly adds medieval-themed content to the game. It focuses on decoration and agriculture for now, but it branches out a bit as well.


This mod is currently on 1.12 only, but caittastic is developing a spiritual successor called Homespun for more recent versions of the game.


Official Discord



For a full list of features, check out the wiki!

If you want to know what kinds of features this mod has without reading a wiki, here's a brief summary of the main features:

  • Bees
  • An new alchemy system
  • A few crops
  • A brewing system for making alcoholic beverages with unique and actually useful effects
  • Some new trees
  • Plenty of decorative blocks
  • An in-game guidebook to explain everything the mod has to offer



Dynamic Trees Support:

Rustic is fully compatible with Dynamic Trees right out of the box, no addons required. When Dynamic Trees is installed, Rustic's olive and ironwood trees will be made dynamic, and Rustic's apple trees will be replaced with the ones from Dynamic Trees itself.


CraftTweaker Support:

CraftTweaker support is available for a few of Rustic's crafting mechanics, check out the wiki page for more info.


Special Thanks:

Elucent, for making Embers open source, I couldn't have done this otherwise.

Ferreusveritas, for helping so much with the dynamic trees compat.

Copygirl, for letting the community use your locker models and textures.

Rosareven, for helping with the almanac

The Forge team, for making modding so accessible.

Nazenn, for making some textures, editing some textures, and providing feedback.