Running Shoes

9,251 Downloads Last Updated: May 27, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


The Running Shoes Mod!







  • 5 Running Shoe Types:

    • Base Running Shoes

    • Leather Running Shoes

    • Gold Running Shoes

    • Iron Running Shoes

    • Diamond Running Shoes

  • 5 Sprinting Shoe Types:

    • Same as running shoes, but gives a greater speed boost at the cost of being more expensive to create.

  • Each pair of running shoes gives the same base speed (default speed * 1.5). Sprinting shoes are more expensive variants that boost run speed by 300% (default speed * 3).

  • Different tiers are so you get armor values equal to that of the vanilla boots of the same tier.

    • Don't have to make the trade-off between speed vs armor.

  • Stacks with other methods of increasing speed (such as potions).

How to Craft









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