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Risk of Rain Mod

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This mod brings some mobs and items from the Risk of Rain universe into Minecraft!




RoRmod 1.15.2: 31.2.0 or newer version

RoRmod 1.16.5: 36.1.0 or newer version

RoR Mobs         RoR Loot


Features! 🔍



Lemurian attack by spitting fireballs at the player or other threatening humans. If the distance between the Lemurian and his target is short, the Lemurian run straight toward the target and proceed to do a melee attack.

Stone Golem uses a slow charging laser attack from its eye that can track his target. At close range, the Stone Golem can use its fists by slamming them together.

Gunner Drone
Once purchased (with gold nuggets), the Gunner Drone follows you from a close distance and shoots targets. It fires 4 shots in quick succession. This skill has a cooldown of 2 seconds. If he is smoking from damage, you can repair it with iron nuggets.



Bustling Fungus Bustling Fungus:
Heals after standing still for 2 seconds.


Crowbar Crowbar:
Deals extra damage to enemies above 90% health.

Goat hoof Goat Hoof:
Increases movement speed by 20% (+20% every 4 stacked).


Lens-Maker's Glasses Lens-Maker's Glasses:
Your attacks have a chance to 'Critically Strike', dealing double damage.


Soldier's Syringe Soldier's Syringe:
Increases attack speed and mining speed by 10% and 20% respectively (+10% and +20% every 4 stacked).


Topaz Brooch Topaz Brooch:
Gain a temporary barrier on kill for 2 hearts (+2 hearts per unit).


Tougher Times Tougher Times:
Chance to block incoming damage.

Infusion Infusion:
Increases max health by 1 heart (configurable health cap).


Rose Buckler Rose Buckler:
20% resistance (+20% at 4, 8 and 16 stacked) while sprinting, up to a maximum of 80%.

These objects can be found in structures. Good luck exploring!

Structures where the RoR Items will appear:

Pillager Outpost   Woodland Mansion   Jungle Temple   Desert Pyramid
Pillager outposts        Mansions           Jungle temples      Desert pyramids          
Abandoned Mineshaft   Dungeon   Underwater Ruins   Buried Treasures
     Mineshafts     Dungeons    Underwater ruins     Treasures     
Ruined Portal   Bastion   Nether Bridge    End City
Ruined portals   Bastions   Nether fortress    End cities    



For a better understanding of the mod's logic, you can check the Risk of Rain Wikis: 

  • Risk of Rain 1 Wiki
  • Risk of Rain 2 Wiki



  • You may not re-host this mod. Any download must remain hosted on CurseForge.
  • You may freely use this mod in any public and private modpack.



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