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This mod adds some useful blocks for the RedstoneFlux system. The models are adapted to their real world conterparts.


Currently added:

  • Capacitor (7 versions, 4 of them depend on ThermalExpansion and 3 of them depend on EnderIO)
  • Switch
  • Resistor (limits the current)
  • Diode (controls the energy flows direction)
  • Simple tesseract (can be made invisible, can only send energy)
  • Transistor (Redstone controlled switch)

Confirmed to be added:

  • RF Meter (displays the energy flow)

Known Issues:

  • 1.7.10:
    • None
  • 1.8.9:
    • No recipes
    • Tesseract can't be made visible again once made invisible
  • 1.10.2:
    • None


  • In 1.10.2 the capacitors depending on ThermalExpansion have a red text on their tooltip indicating that the required mod is not installed. The same applies to the EnderIO variants if EnderIO is not installed. This only means that they can't be crafted.
  • The Simple Tesseract is currently deactivated as it is undergoing a rewrite.

If you have any more suggetions, please open an issue on the GitHub repository.


You are free to use my mod in a public modpack as long as you credit me and provide a link to this page.