Resourceful Lib is a modding library that contains valuable utilities and APIs developed by Team Resourceful.

At the time of writing this, there are a few mods using this library, they include Resourceful Bees, Cozy, Vitalize, and many more!

            📺 GL Scissor API

            📝 Stateful and History Screen Manager

            📠  Codecs for predicates, tags, recipes, sets, and random collections

            🎨 Color API

            🌐 Cross Platform Networking

            📲 Codec Recipes

            📁 Json File Utils

            💾 Memory Resource and Data Packs

            🎲 Random Collection/List

            ⌛  Scheduling API

            🌎 Web Utilities

            📑 YABN (Yet Another Binary Notation) is a compressed binary format of JSON to allow for small transfer sizes of JSON objects

            📐 Highlight API (Custom Selection boxes that are not bound to cubes)