Red Dwarf Mod

33 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Currently this mod is in its very early alpha stages although there are no huge bugs that I am aware of.

In the latest version the things in the mod includes :


Starbug Structure By deadparrot96

Plastic Ore

Holly monitor and Vertical monitor

Space Suit

Plastic Ore

Tech tools for crafting (Wires, Circuit boards CPUs)

Starbug Metal Block stairs and slabs

Creative Tabs

Landing Gear block stairs and slabs

Bazookoid (Model by Deadparrot96)

Bazookoid Crafting Recipe

Blue Plastic


Hologram Projection suite

Arnold Judas Rimmer BCC SCC

Holly (Female)

Holly (Queeg)

1.18.2 support

Skutters (Model by NappyCraftMC)

Series 1 Holly

Commands (/Toggle_Bazookoid_Cooldown /Generate_Starbug /Tp_Space)

Light Bee functionality. To use a light bee, right click a hologram. You can eject to the light bee object or change the appearance of Rimmer.

More will be added in the future but for now enjoy!


Discord link:


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