What's going on lately? (I quit modding)

There is so much going on with university, work and private stuff so I couldn't find the time to update my mods or even answer questions and private messages in the past months and therefore I think it's better to quit modding for now.

This unfortunately means I'm not updating this mod to a newer Minecraft version anytime soon.


If someone is interested in the source code I (finally...) put everything on github (See Source)

Feel free to continue this mod / integrate this mod in whatever project you want. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


Progressive Core is a rather simple but big mod which adds a variety of valuable ores, tools, weapons, armor, accessories and machines to the game.


The ore system is as the mods name suggests progressive and each ore/alloy has a certain tier.


Tier 0: Wood

Tier 1: Stone, Flint, Leather

Tier 2: Copper, Tin, Iron

Tier 3: Bronze, Tungsten

Tier 4: Steel, Obsidian

Tier 5: Hellsteel

Tier 6: Titanium

Tier 7: Mithril, Orichalcum, Adamantite


To get to the next tier you need ores/alloy from the previous tier.


Ore generation, tool and armor stats as well as pretty much everything else is configurable in your config file.






Smelters are used to create alloys or to smelt more advanced ores. They have 6 input slots, 1 output slot and a fuel slot. They can also be used as a regular furnace to smelt vanilla and PC ores. Recipes can be modified, added or deleted in your config file.


There are 4 different tiers of smelters: Basic (Bricks), Advanced (Bronze), Infernal (Hellsteel) and Titan (Titanium). Each tier is an upgrade to the previous one and adds new recipes or changes the stack size of the recipe output. To get certain alloys or to smelt advanced ores it is required to have a certain smelter tier.


The smelt duration depends on the recipe and each higher tier reduces the duration by 25%.


This machine also supports JEI to highlight all possible recipes!




Gem Polisher:


The gem polisher is a mid/late game machine used in combination with a titan crusher to polish gems and gem blocks as well as other stuff added by this mod. It doesn't have a GUI but you just need to rightclick it with the supported item or block you want to polish and it will be placed in the middle of the polisher. Then rightclick it with a titan crusher to turn the input into the polished version. This will also cost 10 uses on your titan crusher. Recipes can be modified, added or removed in your config file.


This machine also supports JEI to highlight all possible recipes!



Eye of Reality:


The eye of reality is a late/end game machine which can be used to highlight nearby tier 7 ores. The block has a 24 block range in each direction and must be turned on/off with a rightclick. If active the eye starts to glow and all ores are highlighted as long as the player looks directly at the eye. This machine is very helpful since all tier 7 ores are very rare and difficult to find.


Activating the machine also has a downside: If active Spirits will start to spawn around the eye and they try to attack the player with a charge attack. Spirits only have 15 health but they are very fast and deal a lot of damage. They also apply the blindness effect for 5 seconds to any entity they touch. It's suggested to wear a full set of titanium armor as well as a titanium sword while using this device.


They eye of reality can only be destroyed if deactivated.





Ores, Materials, Tools & Armor

Wood Armor:


You can now craft an armor set out of logs. Wood armor doesn’t last long and barely gives any protection. It’s still better than nothing!


Flint Tools:


Tools out of Flint are also added. These have the same stats as regular stone tools but with slightly more durability.





There are a total of 6 new gems and their respective ore. The ores spawn exactly like emeralds only in certain biome types between y-level 4 and 32 in very small veins. There are also gem stashes for all gem types which drop 1-2 gems when broken. These spawn in caves at roughly the same spawn rate as the ores.


Current gems:

  • Ruby: Red gem which spawns in medium/lush biomes like plains.
  • Sapphire: Blue gem which spawns in biomes with a lot of water like oceans.
  • Amethyst: Purple gem which spawns in cold and snowy biomes like the snowy tundra.
  • Topaz: Yellow gem which spawns in cold but not snowy biomes like taigas.
  • Opal: Orange gem which spawns in very warm biomes like deserts.
  • Malachite: Turquoise gem which spawns in biomes with high humidity like jungles or swamps.


They can be used for trading, decorative blocks, accessories or even strong lightsabers.






Copper ore spawns by default very common between y-level 45 and 96 in medium veins.

Copper tools are stat wise slightly better than stone tools and the armor is a bit better than leather armor.





This ore spawns slightly rarer than copper between y-level 30 and 63 in medium veins.

There don’t exist any tools or armor for tin, but it’s used to create alloys.





Bronze is the first alloy added by this mod. It is created by smelting copper and tin (3 to 1) together in a basic Smelter (or better).

Bronze tools and armor are as good as the iron ones but have slightly less durability.





Tungsten is an uncommon ore, which spawns between y-level 0 and 30 in medium veins.

Like tin there don’t exist any tools or armor, but it’s used to create alloys.





Steel is another alloy which is created by smelting iron, tungsten and any type of coal (1 to 1 to 1) in an advanced smelter (which needs bronze from the previous tier to craft) or better.


Tools and armor out of steel are decent and slightly better than the ones out of iron. They have a mining level of 4 which is better than diamond and necessary to mine tier 5 ores. The tools cause an increased knockback on hit while the armor grants a small chance to avoid knockback if hit.





Netherite is an uncommon ore which can only be found in the nether between y-level 7 and 117 in smaller veins. The ore can only be mined with a steel pickaxe (mining level 4) or better and drops up to 2 netherite chunks which can then be smelted together with steel and blaze powder (2 to 1 to 1) in an advanced smelter or better to get hellsteel.


Hellsteel tools are as strong as diamond but have a lower durability. The tools ignite targets (fire aspect increases the burn duration) and automatically smelt mined blocks (affected by fortune). Each armor piece grants a 25% increased fire and lava protection, which makes you immune to fire and lava if you wear the full set. If the full set is worn entities which attack the player are also set on fire for 6 seconds and the player leaves a blazing trail.





Luminium is a common nether ore which can be found between y-level 7 and 117 in large veins. It can’t be used for tools or armor but it’s a very good fuel source and smelts 32 items in a regular furnace. Luminium can also be used as a substitute for coal in many recipes (sometimes even with a better output) and can also be used to create steel.





Obsidian ingots can be created by smelting 1 hellsteel ingot, 1 diamond or ender pearl and 3 obsidian in an infernal smelter or better.


Obsidian tools and armor are stat wise as good as steel (without the knockback effects) but they have infinite durability. Keep in mind that they also can’t be enchanted.





Titanium ore can be found in the nether as well as the overworld. The overworld ore is roughly as rare as diamond (or even a bit rarer) and spawns between y-level 0 and 16 in medium veins. The nether ore spawns rarely between y-level 7 and 117 in small veins. To mine titanium a hellsteel pickaxe or better is needed and it drops up to 2 titanium chunks. 3 of those titanium chunks can be smelted together with a diamond or an ender pearl in an infernal smelter or better to create titanium ingots.


Titanium is a very solid tool and armor material being a decent bit stronger than diamond. Titanium tools have a mining level of 6 and can mine the rarest ores in this mod.


The tools have an increased reach distance of 1 block. If the player holds right-click while wielding a titanium tool he will be rewarded with 10 seconds of titan strength (the tool will also lose 10 uses in the process). While this effect is active hitting an entity will cause triple the base damage and an increased knockback. Also, if a block is mined and the right tool has been used while the effect is active, all other mineable blocks in a 3x3x3 area behind the block will get destroyed too. If a block is mined or an entity is hit while the effect is active the effect gets removed and must be activated again.


The armor per piece also gives +5% movement speed, +5% attack damage and a chance to avoid knockback if hit. If the player wears the full set, he can hit any entity to get the titan dodge effect for 10 seconds. While this effect is active, and the player gets hit he will avoid any damage and knockback for one enemy attack. Afterwards the effect gets removed and the player needs to wait 3 seconds until he can attack again to regain this effect. The player will also leave a trail of smoke particles if the full set is worn.





These 3 ores are the rarest and strongest ones in this mod. They are roughly 10 times rarer than diamond and spawn in the overworld between y-level 0 and 24 in large veins. A eye of reality is strongly suggested. The ores need a mining level of 6 which can only be achieved with a titanium pickaxe (not counting other mods). Mining an ore will drop 1-2 respective chunks and 4 equal chunks together with 1 reality crystal can be smelted in a titan smelter to create the mithril/orichalcum/adamantite ingot.


All 3 metals can be crafted into strong tools and armor sets. These are again a good bit better than titanium and have unique effects.


Swords out of these metals shoot one or more small not-gravity-affected projectiles when swung. The mithril sword shoots out three tight projectiles with a short delay between them and each projectile cause 50% of the swords damage if it hits an entity. The orichalcum sword fires out a burst of 5 inaccurate projectiles in a shotgun fashion. Each shot deals 75% of the swords damage. The adamantite sword shoots out one slow moving, bigger projectile which deals the original swords damage.


The tools also have a very useful effect. If right-clicked they can be switched between 1x1 and 3x3 mode. In 1x1 they act like regular tools but if the tools are switched to 3x3 they mine blocks in a 3x3 area around the mined block (like a tinker’s construct hammer). Keep in mind that the tool will lose 1 durability for each mined block.


Last of the armor is different for each metal.


Mithril armor gives +10% movement speed, +10% attack speed, +10% knockback resistance, +5% attack damage and +2 health per piece. The full set will also increase the players jumping height and jumping distance by a good bit and it will negate all incoming fall damage.


Orichalcum armor grants +15% attack damage, +10 knockback resistance, +5% movement speed, +5% attack speed and +2 health per piece. If the full set is worn the player will also recover one tenth health of the damage dealt and if the player attacks the same target continuously his attack damage will increase by 25% on each hit (up to +250% attack damage).


Adamantite armor gives +25% knockback resistance per piece (which results in immunity to knockback if the full set is worn), +4 health, +5% attack damage and +5% attack speed. If the player wears a full set of adamantite armor he will recover 1 additional health every second and if the received damage is half a heart (after the armor reduction) it gets ignored completely.







WARNING: This module is only enabled if Baubles is loaded! It's highly recommended to install the amazing Baubles mod.




For now Progressive Core only adds in rings. There are 3 different ring tiers which have to be directly upgraded from the lower tier.


Current tiers:

  • Gold: Made with 4 gold ingots. Can hold 1 power.
  • Obsidian: Made with a gold ring and 4 obsidian ingots. Can hold 2 powers.
  • Astral: Made with a obsidian ring and 4 nether star shards. Can hold 3 powers.

Simply craft a ring and combine it with any cut gem. Now equip it and if you pickup xp it will be consumed and it will power up the ring. If you are in the spawing biome of the gem you used for your ring, the power up will be doubled. If a certain amount of xp is consumed the ring will level up and enchant itself with a random power or it can also increase the level of a power. All powers grant the wearer a useful effect. If the maximum amount of powers is applied the ring won't consume any xp.


Current powers:

  • Acceleration: +5% movement speed per level
  • Coldness: Chance to slowdown and weaken attackers (higher level = higher chance and a stronger effect)
  • Corruption: Chance to wither attackers (higher level = higher chance and a stronger effect)
  • Fireproofness: +15% fire and lava damage resistance per level
  • Lifesteal: Chance to heal half a heart on attack (higher level = higher chance)
  • Potency: +5% attack damage per level
  • Reflexion: +5% attack speed per level
  • Smoothness: +15% fall damage resistance per level
  • Vitality: +2 health (1 heart) per level
  • Wisdom: +20% xp dropped per level

All powers can be modified or disabled in your config file.





Tinkers' Construct Support

This mod also supports Tinkers' Construct.


Tungsten, luminium, hellsteel, titanium, mithril, orichalcum, adamantite and all gems are smeltable in a TiC Smeltery and you can cast tool parts from all those materials (except luminium, tungsten and the gems).


There are also some new traits like massive which increases the weapons reach distance and titan strength which applies the titan strength effect if the player sneaks while wielding the weapon. Igniting is another new trait and it sets targets on fire.


Additionally there is a new modifer called expanse which can be applied to any tool with a reality crystal. This modifier has a maximum level of 2 and increases the weapons reach distance by 1 block per level.


There are also tool stations for some of the new metals.





For recipes please use the amazing JEI mod by mezz. All machines from this mod are supported.


If you have any suggestions for new features feel free to post them!

Please report bugs and crashes in the Issues tab.


You are allowed to use all of my mods in your modpack!