A mod by Raptor__

This mod adds various blocks and items related to Portal 2 to the game, and is designed to work with iChun's existing PortalGun mod. I intend this mod for map makers who like to make Portal-themed maps with iChun's mod.
Screenshots for 1.7.10: 

Screenshots for 1.10.2 coming maybe later.

As you can see in the image above, I have added numerous elements that were missing from iChun's function-based mod, like blocks to build test chambers with, both types of button, and doors, among other things.



Floor Button

The floor button functions basically the same as a default pressure plate. More importantly, it works with the cubes from the PortalGun mod. It makes the same sound that it does in Portal 2 when it's pressed.

Pedestal Button

The pedestal button emits redstone power when it's pressed for a few seconds, similar to the vanilla buttons. Currently, it does not make exactly the same sound as it does in Portal 2, but that will be fixed once I actually locate the sound's file.


Indicator Lights [1.7.10 version only, still a WIP]

The indicator lights in this mod work exactly the same as redstone, except that they can be placed on anything - even themselves! However, I could not yet get them to work going on walls yet (they will render on the walls, but won't be powered), so for now, just try to avoid doing that. I hope to fix that error as soon as possible. Another thing - unlike normal redstone,an indicator light's signal does not need to be updated every 15 blocks with a repeater. Indicator lights can stretch on forever.


White Panels

White panels are portalable, meaning you can place portals on them. There are several variants. I plan to add even more in the future.

[new in 1.10.2 version]
Double white panels are actually 2 blocks tall and automatically place/destroy either the top or bottom block.


Black Panels

Black panels are not portalable. You cannot place portals from the PortalGun mod onto these blocks. As a result, they are considered "translucent" by the game, and allow light to pass through them. Handy if you want to make invisible light sources.

[new in 1.10.2 version]
Double black panels are actually 2 blocks tall and automatically place/destroy either the top or bottom block.
Quadruple black panels are actually 2x2 blocks and automatically place the other 3 blocks when you place the first.


Light Panels

[1.7.10 version]

Light panels emit light (duh!) and come in 2 variants: white and black, each with two sub-variants : left-aligned and right-aligned. Each sub-variant has two blocks: top and bottom. That's a total of eight blocks, for those who don't math well (not you, I'm sure).

[1.10.2 version]
Light panels are now overlay blocks - you place them on top of existing panels. They can be placed either on the left side of the block, the right side, or both. They can be placed on the sides of blocks or on the floor or ceiling. Each light is 2 blocks tall.
Music Discs [1.7.10 version only, maybe will port to 1.10.2 version later]
Just for fun, I decided to add a couple music discs. There are five, and are all made by Valve and found in the game: intro, apple, chambertop, and finale.