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Pokecube AIO



Mod Features:

Ingame Documentation

  • Information about all of the available Pokémobs can be found in the Pokéwatch, which can either be crafted, or is given along with your starter pokemob.
  • The Pokéwatch also contains several info books, which include basic information on how to care for your Pokémobs, as well as more detailed information about their genetics

Capturing Pokémobs

  • An assortment of Pokécubes are available for capturing, each with different capture rates, most of these are craftible or can be traded for from trainers/merchants
  • Pokémobs are easier to capture if weakened first, and once captured will be trainable.

Training Pokémobs

  • Pokémobs gain levels from defeating things in combat, either other Pokémobs, or things like zombies, creepers, etc
  • There are also some items that increase the rate at which Pokémobs train, such as lucky eggs and exp shares
  • Pokémobs may evolve if they hit certain requriements, usually based on their level, but also depending on a variety of other factors
  • Your Pokémob has a selected attack, and will use that in battle, you can switch which attack it is using, or even have it use no attacks, the order of these attacks can be changed with your Pokéwatch
  • If your Pokémob dies, it will return to your inventory, or be sent to your PC if you die or have a full inventory

Trading Pokémobs

  • In multiplayer, you can trade Pokémobs with other players, you can also bribe npc trainers with an emerald, and then they might be willing to trade their pokemobs with you, right click them with one of your Pokémobs to check

Cross-Mod Compatiblity:

Tech/Power generation

  • Electric type Pokémobs can be used to generate forge energy, which is compatible with a wide variety of tech mods
  • Genetics blocks utilize forge energy, so can be powered by tech mods as well


  • Pokémob Commander block lets you command pokemobs via computers
  • Genetics blocks can output data to computers
  • support for accessing info from other blocks via computers

Resource Gathering

  • Pokémobs can harvest crops
  • Pokémobs can dig holes and collect drops

    The Lost Cities**

    • Structures in the cities can be assigned as having specific Pokémobs spawn in them, by default there isn't much set to spawn in them however


      • The worn items will use the Curios slots if that mod is installed, the button for wearables inventory is hidden in favour of their implementation


  • Citizens in minecolonies are trainers, so they can capture and train Pokémobs for their defense
  • Minecolonies buildings get assigned similarly to the lost cities support, and can be set for specific Pokémobs to spawn


* May be partially provided by the Pokecube Compat addon

** Currently not supported

Addon Support:


  • All of the Pokémobs' stats are loaded from data, the mod can load these datapacks from the resourcepacks directory, allowing completely over-riding any default behaviour
  • All models and animations are in the resources, this allows completely replacing them all with custom models and animations with a simple resourcepack
  • Combining the above two points, allows the mod to be completely overhauled with just resourcepacks, including adding new or fake pokemon.


  • Pokécube has a variety of config options, located in the toml files in config/pokecube/, almost all features of the mob AI, worldgen, and spawning can be adjusted via these configs or the above mentioned datapacks

Open Source

  • Pokécube is open source, and designed to be modular, so any addons can be made, server or client side, for adjusting almost any behaviour in the mod.
  • Pull requests are accepted for anything that does not break the core balance, and things that do, can have hooks negotiated.

If you have any questions or concerns about the mod, feel free to ask them on the Discord


Pokécube was Freely inspired by the Nintendo franchise 'Pokémon' and the video games developed by Game Freak, and is more similar to the Pokemon television series than the games.





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