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This mod allows you to add potion effects to you swords (and axe for some versions). It works even with swords (and axe for some versions) and potions from mods.

To add potion effect to you sword you should take sword in right hand and potion in left and click chosen button (default "M").

Most effects will decreese their duration by log2(duration) formula for balance. Example: Potion[ Poison (1:30) ] --> Sword [ Poison (0:06) ]. And you will have sword with potion effect with new duration.


You can remove the effect from the sword by applying a potion without effects to it.(Water, Awkard potion).

A new effect applied to the sword removes the old one. To have multiple effects on the sword, you need to craft a potion with multiple effects.


In recent versions has been added the ability to determine whether the effect of the potion on the sword will end and for how many hits, or it will be infinite. By default, the effect will disappear for 16 sword strikes.

Find poisonedsword-common.toml and change 'isAttacksInfinite' parameter to choose will th effect be infinite or not ('isAttacksInfinite' = 'true' or 'false'), if yes change 'potionedAttacksCount' parameter to choose for how many hits will the effect disappear, 16 by default.