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Plasmo Voice Chat

The main feature of Plasmo Voice is server-side made with Spigot. Don't sacrifice Spigot plugins and the convenience of players who don't use mods. Besides that, it's just a great proximity voice chat with 3D audio and lots of features.

Installing Plasmo Voice on the server is as easy as installing any other Spigot plugin. Installing mod on the client is optional and you can join the server without it.

Players need to install the Fabric or Forge mod for Voice Chat to work, but for players without any mods installed nothing will change. They are still able to join and play as usual.


Made for big role-playing events

  • Data is compressed with Opus Сodec. Which means low traffic usage and higher quality. Tested with 100 players talking at once.
  • Change voice chat distance on the go, so players can adjust it when in crowded places.
  • You can enable an experimental sound-occlusion feature, which will muffle the sound if blocks are in the way. Great for situations where different players are talking in rooms close to each other.
  • Priority speaking. Like in Discord, allows you to bind a separate push-to-talk button with a greater, adjustable distance. Requires permission.

Other features

  • Select output and input devices.
  • Server muting with chat commands.
  • Client muting integrated with Minecraft social menu.
  • Choose between Push to Talk or Voice Activation.
  • Indicators for players without the mod installed.
  • Everything is configurable with config and permissions.

HUD Icons

Player Icons

Configuration Menu


Plasmo Voice Server is a Spigot plugin. Plasmo Voice Client is a Fabric OR Forge mod. There is a different file for each version, check files on CurseForge and choose the right one. Mind the difference when installing Plasmo Voice.

Default key bindings

Open voice settings — V

Push-to-talk button — Left Alt

Priority Push-to-talk button — none

Mute your microphone — M

Make sure to rebind the push-to-talk key to something you're used to. Also, check out voice settings by pressing V. Go into the Audio tab and make sure you have the right devices selected. Test your mic by pressing the Enable microphone testing button.




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