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Stairs is a simple mod that adds 170 new stair blocks to the game (including 2 technical stair blocks). Combined with Mojang's 14 stairs that's 184 stairs!


The stairs are not only for added cosmetics in your detailed builds, but most of them have the same functionality as their base block (crafting table stairs can be crafted on, sand stairs fall with gravity, glowstone stairs light up, redstone lamp stairs can turn on/off with redstone signal, restone stairs emit a redstone signal, etc). Some notable exceptions are TNT stairs will not blow up (now blow up in b16+), and ore stairs will drop the stair block instead of the ore, etc.


I've done my best to include every possible stair type that makes sense in this mod. Some blocks not included are things like pistons, anything with an inventory (except crafting table), the structure and command blocks, etc. If you have a need for a stair type that isn't in this mod please let me know and I will see what I can do about adding it in.


* Ruby and Ruby Ore stairs seen in picture are part of Pl3xRubies mod. They are shown as an example that outside mods can hook in and add their own stairs.


All stairs are added to a new Stairs tab, including the vanilla stairs for convenience.


Do I see a slabs and vertical slabs tab? Is that a sneak peek at more mods to come? :O



List of all added stair types: black concrete, blue concrete, brown concrete, cyan concrete, gray concrete, green concrete, light blue concrete, lime concrete, magenta concrete, orange concrete, pink concrete, purple concrete, red concrete, silver concrete, white concrete, yellow concrete, black concrete powder, blue concrete powder, brown concrete powder, cyan concrete powder, gray concrete powder, green concrete powder, light blue concrete powder, lime concrete powder, magenta concrete powder, orange concrete powder, pink concrete powder, purple concrete powder, red concrete powder, silver concrete powder, white concrete powder, yellow concrete powder, black stained glass, blue stained glass, brown stained glass, cyan stained glass, gray stained glass, green stained glass, light blue stained glass, lime stained glass, magenta stained glass, orange stained glass, pink stained glass, purple stained glass, red stained glass, silver stained glass, white stained glass, yellow stained glass, black terracotta, blue terracotta, brown terracotta, cyan terracotta, gray terracotta, green terracotta, light blue terracotta, lime terracotta, magenta terracotta, orange terracotta, pink terracotta, purple terracotta, red terracotta, silver terracotta, white terracotta, yellow terracotta, black wool, blue wool, brown wool, cyan wool, gray wool, green wool, light blue wool, lime wool, magenta wool, orange wool, pink wool, purple wool, red wool, silver wool, white wool, yellow wool, glass, terracotta, sand, red sand, gravel, soul sand, bookshelf, hay, nether quartz ore, pumpkin, melon, tnt, jukebox, noteblock, coal, iron, gold, lapis lazuli, redstone, diamond, emerald, iron ore, gold ore, lapis lazuli ore, redstone ore (unlit), redstone ore (lit), diamond ore, emerald ore, netherrack, red nether brick, nether wart, glowstone, magma, quartz chiseled, quartz pillar, sandstone chiseled, sandstone smooth, red sandstone chiseled, red sandstone smooth, obsidian, andesite, smooth andesite, diorite, smooth diorite, granite, smooth granite, redstone lamp (off), redstone lamp (on), mossy cobblestone, stone, stone bricks chiseled, stone bricks cracked, stone bricks mossy, bedrock, dirt, coarse dirt, podzol, mycelium, grass, clay, snow, crafting table, ice, packed ice, oak leaves, birch leaves, spruceleaves, jungle leaves, acacia leaves, dark oak leaves, oak logs, birch logs, spruce logs, jungle logs, acacia logs, dark oak logs, bone, slime, sponge, wet sponge, purpur pillar, end stone, end stone bricks, sea lantern, prismarine, prismarine bricks, dark prismarine. Added in b14: red mushroom, brown mushroom