Paradise Lost

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Filename paradise-lost-0.2.0-beta+1.19.jar
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Uploaded Oct 31, 2022
Game Version 1.19.2   +5
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MD5 1f815ac88f5058c3138e110aa2d11353
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1.19.2 LIVES!



Lots of minor stuff, blah blah blah -

- Updated to 1.19
- Fixed Swet spawning
- Added Vermillion Swets
- Fixed #688
- Kotlin Buildscript
- Fully migrated away from the name Aether internally. It is now Paradise Lost all the way through!
- Labyrinth work started
- Slider prototype
- Added chest boat textures

- blah.

But most importantly.
Worldgen has been completely overhauled! Terrain should be much more varied now and there should be less ungodly large biomes (probably maybe). This is a wip change so please, tell us your thoughts, we need your feedback!


Known Issues


- Chest textures are borked
- Under certain conditions biomes can still be way too large - this is... somewhat unfixable save for adding more biomes
- Tradewinds are generating inland
- Insufficient snow.

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