Paradise Lost

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Filename paradise-lost-1.6.8+1.18.1.jar
Uploaded by Goldstar16
Uploaded Mar 31, 2022
Game Version 1.18.1   +2
Size 41.89 MB
Downloads 94,914
MD5 947d20a2207791f3f8cefa457dc969ca
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  • Added a warning message for server owners about world creation.
  • Wisteria foliage is now bonemeal-able
  • Orange fruit items are now scattered instead of spawned from leaves
  • Modified wisteria & golden oak trunk generation
  • Renamed logger


  • Fixed several subtitles. e.g. "Phantom flaps" -> "Moa glides"
  • Bloodstones no longer crash upon use on a non-living entity.
  • Fixed several incompatibilities related to shaders and performance mods
  • Improved client-side sign registration
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the user from customizing a superflat world

Advisory: 1.17 ➝ 1.18 World Migration

At this time, migrating worlds will work fine all elements of the mod except for dimension information.

Due to unforeseen issues currently beyond our control, the game is currently unable to migrate the Aether Dimension from the 1.17 format to 1.18s.

Anyone choosing to migrate worlds is strongly encouraged to make a backup and additionally opt to regenerate the dimension due to the worldgen changes made, as even if this component is stabilized, there is no chunk blending in place for world transitions.

(The Aether Dimension can be regenerated by removing the folder <MC_SAVES_FOLDER>/<WORLD_NAME>/dimensions/the_aether)

Efforts are currently ongoing to determine the feasibility of getting this component working, to ensure a smoother migration to 1.18.x. Further news regarding this effort can be found on our discord server.

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