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Filename aether-1.17.1-1.5.0.jar
Uploaded by azazelthedemonlord
Uploaded Jul 7, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1   +4
Size 12.13 MB
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MD5 bf9bd96f7bfd8d984904f78da5c0149d
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Java 16
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v1.5.0 (07/08/2021)

Changes (See GitHub for backend changes)

  • Added initial Moa Genetic Systems, which will be expanded in a future update
  • Added initial DOUBLE_DROPS logic, which will be expanded in a future update.
  • Added Orange Trees.
    • These are small, fruiting trees that bear pink wood.
    • They may be found in wisteria woods biomes and, rarely, in highland plains.
  • Added compostable item support:
    • Saplings, Blueberries, Gingerbread Man, and Candy Canes will increase by 0.3F
    • Bushes and Grass will increase by 0.5F
    • Flowers, White Apples, and Aechor Petals will increase by 0.65F
  • Aether Leaves now contain an ocelotOrParrot check for allowsSpawning
  • The Skyroot Tower and Well have been redesigned for 1.17+ in addition to the following:
    • Skyroot Towers now contain chests with various treasures (Including items previously unobtainable in the aether)
  • Aerclouds have been rebased over changes contained in GG'd port, allowing better mechanic functionality
    • This also stabilizes the "Elytra Boost" trick from combining blue and yellow aercloud physics
  • FloatingBlocks (and related tools) have been redesigned with the following changes:
    • Now supports lifting players, combined structures (Doors, tall grass, etc) and living entities (This is going to be tuned more in a later update)
    • FloatingBlocks by default will now begin decellerating and falling a certain distance from world height
    • Now supports specifying a custom drop state in backend (This can be used by others to tweak when a floating block falls)
    • Entity collision is now able to function with FloatingBlocks (This allows, for example, other floating blocks to interact with eachother)
  • Crystal Leaves now use the amythest breaking sound instead of glass
  • Quicksoil Glass (And their Glass panes) now act like quicksoil (GG Port Parity)
  • Golden Oak Leave Particles have been slightly tuned for quality assurance:
    • Now last 350 ticks instead of 400 ticks
    • X and Z velocity increased by .025F
  • Aechor Plants have had the following tuning adjustments:
    • Visibility Distance factor increased from 4 to 6
    • Attacking Distance factor increased from 1.5 to 5.0
  • Aerwhales have been redesigned in 1.17+ to have better parity with GG'd port
    • At the moment, they just hover in the air, which will be tuned in a later update.
  • Moa Eggs can now be used without Creative Mode, as intended
  • Obsidian and Valkyrie Armor now uses the Netherite Equip sound and now has a 0.1F kb resistance
  • Valkyrie Milk now applies 8 less hunger (Now 12 from 20) but doubles the saturation multiplier (Now 2 from 1)
  • Drinking Valkyrie Milk will now actually use the item and give back an empty quicksoil vial
  • The mining accelerant factor used in Zanite Tools have been rebased to work the same way as GG's port
  • Quicksoil Vials are now able to pick up Dense Aerclouds
  • Candy Cane Swords can now be repaired with Candy Canes (GG Port Parity)
    • Other related changes may appear in future updates
  • The Dart Shooter now uses the Crossbow Shoot sound (At least until AetherSounds is re-implemented)
  • Ambrosium Shards can now be used as furnace fuel (Provides 500 fuelTime)
  • A custom death message from falling from the Aether has been added
  • (For datapack users) Added a genType argument for several configured features
    • In the future, this will be used to have configurable generation types
    • At this time, only legacy is supported, which generates the feature the same way as GG's 1.16.x Port.
  • Several textures have been adjusted to more 1.17+/Jappa standards
  • Tagging systems have been redesigned in 1.17+ to have better consistency and work better with Vanilla mechanics
    • This also fixes issues related to mining speeds and other inconsistencies.
    • As there are too many changes to list here, you can view the new tags in the data folder
  • Advancements have been tweaked in 1.17+ to be more consistent with Vanilla's advancement systems
  • Stonecutter Recipes (In addition to multiple crafting recipies) have also been added/adjusted with 1.17+ Standards


  • Resolved every missing texture issue that was logged from the 1.16.5 port
    • There are still missing data, which will be tuned in a future update.
  • Fixed crashes relating to null Rarity types
  • Adjusted Swet Death event to be more consistent and fix cases of infinite duplication
  • Fixed a possible concurrent exception with WhiteSwet's
  • Fixed a possible NPE in FloatingBlocks with the blockState
  • Fixes have been made to various generated features to prevent and avoid cascading worldgen lag
  • Blueberries have been fixed so that they have the right name and only appear in one creative mode tab

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