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The module adds the ability to create private and public POIs, as well as move to other players.

Required on server and client


  • Creation of private POIs - camps
  • Creation of public POIs - locations
  • Move to players and teleportation privacy settings
  • Image previews for POIs
  • Ability to invite players to camps

* POI - Point Of Interest

To create and manage location points you will need special privilege (permission). More information on the project Wiki.

Latest Update: 0.11.1b

Change Log

Requires Oxygen Core

Attention! The project is in early access

Absolutely safe for worlds and players data

Smooth Font mod recommended to improve font quality

ScalingGUIs mod recommended to increase the GUIs size to "large" (if locked)

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You can freely use the project in modpacks.
The source code is publicly available for reference only, modification of the project and public distribution is prohibited.

Send all error reports to the Oxygen Core repository: issues