This project is no longer updated! Go to "Portia" mod for the same functionality. 

About the mod

A Minecraft Forge 1.7.10- mod for obtaining unobtainable blocks. Implements a feature that already exists in Minecraft: Manual registration of ItemBlocks. By using that feature, unobtainable (technical) blocks can be obtained with /give command, without any exception. Some of them has weird behavior: For instance, air (#0000) drops from certain mobs, and attempting to obtain a pointable technical block which does not have an ItemReed with Pick Block will result in air item.

⚠️ Technical blocks of other mods are not supported! ⚠️


This mod is licensed in Gnu General Public License 3.0 (or in another words, All Rights Reversed). Modification, decompliation, reposting is allowed but relicensing with a more restrictive license is not allowed. Further information is in the project license.

Using the mod

Using this mod is very easy: Just try to obtain a technical block ItemBlock with its numerical ID or string ID with obt: which is removed in 13w37a with /give command, it works. Piston head and moving piston cannot be placed, sorry for that. Air can be placed only where there is a replacable block.