This mod adds the Crayfish, a rare powerful enemy that roams the swamps! Be wary of its strong claw attacks and destructive tendencies!


These large mobs can be fairly rarely in swamps, minding their own business'. These crayfish come in 5 different colors, though this won't affect how fast it can pulverize you. On death it drops its yummy meat which can be cooked into a very healthy meal that gives minor absorption and rarely their claws. These claws can be made into a powerful sword. 


Future Content:

  • Ranged Attack for Crayfish
  • Grab Attack
  • Upgrade to Swamp Buster
  • More mobs that fill a similar niche


Q & A 

Q: Will you port this to fabric?

A: No, maintaining 2 separate versions of the mod on 2 different mod loaders is too much work for me. It will never come to Fabric or any other edition of the game. 

Q: Can you port to X Version?

A: Next update will be in 1.19, however I will not be backporting updates for the sole reason that its too much work and that time could be spent better elsewhere


Very special thanks to Gec Master for letting him use his model and textures! I am very excited to do more work with him in the future!


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