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If you're anything like me, you have a deep love for music in games. Minecraft's soundtrack holds a special place in my heart, but honestly, I forget the track names all the time. What if there was some way to see what music track was playing in-game when it started? 


Great news, I have that covered for you! This small client-side mod I whipped up will display a toast every time a new music track starts playing! Thats not all though. Pressing M on your keyboard will open up a little Gui where you can adjust a few different sound-related settings! Each option can be hovered over in-game for more details. Here's what the menu contains:

- Display Record Toasts: if you like the music toasts and would like records to do the same, simply check the box next to the music disc and that'll happen! The message that normally appears over your hotbar will be replaced by a toast that displays the track author and song name, as well as which disc it is!

- Silence Toast Sounds: Every time a toast appears or disappears off your screen it plays a little "woosh" sound effect. If that sound annoys you, simply uncheck the box next to the music note and it will no longer play. Please note that this will only silence the toasts this mod creates, so unlocking recipes and whatnot will still play the sound. 

- Minimum Song Delay: Sometimes the time between music tracks playing is a bit too long. By adjusting this value, you can override the minimum time it takes for a track to play after another has finished. The number you enter is the number of seconds there will be between tracks. Setting it to -1 will remove the override and use the default values. 

- Maximum Song Delay: works exactly the same as the minimum delay but sets the max time it'll take for a track to play after another has finished.


This mod automatically supports all music discs as long as they extend RecordItem. The mod also supports all of the music tracks in Minecraft, Aether, Twilight Forest, Blue Skies, The Bumblezone, and The Undergarden out of the box. If there are any other mods that either add music tracks to the overworld or have their own dimension with custom music tracks, please let me know and I will add support for them!