More Skylore

Finite water, additional Botania flowers and other addons used by the Skylore modpack



A functional Botania flower that consumes some mana to generate water blocks around itself.


A functional (and uncultured) Botania flower that consumes waste amounts of mana to spew lava blocks around itself.

Finite water

A configurable option to make the water finite, just like lava. Meant to add a little spice to the game, or perhaps to annoy people.

Nether portal removal and portal lighter

A configurable option to remove the nether portals activation by fire. As an additional tool for gating nether in modpacks an uncraftable portal lighter item is available

Technical information

  • Requirements: Fabric API, Botania, Cloth Config
  • Integrations: ModMenu
  • Changing the config in-game still requires you to restart


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