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More Peripherals is a mod that adds integration between

Vanilla and Modded features to Computer Craft

The mod adds the following peripherals for existing blocks:


- Anvils

- Beehives and Beenests

- Crafting Tables

- Enchanting Tables

- Grindstones

- Looms

- Spawners


Some new blocks :


- Advanced Disk Raid: Stores 10 Disks (can't play music)

- Disk Raid : Stores 5 Disks (can't play music)

- Grinder : Can automatically kill mobs and apply enchanted sword bonuses like looting

- Induction Charger: Fuels a turtle using RF

- Magnetic Card Manipulator : For working with magnetic cards

- Trading Interface : Automatic Villager trading

- XP Bottler : Bottles XP

- XP Collector : Collects XP Orbs and can Store player XP


And some items :


- Magnetic Card

- Mob Data Card