More Mystcraft is a collection of miscellaneous additions to the mod Mystcraft. Version 0.8.5 is designed for use with at least Mystcraft and Forge It will not work with previous versions.

More Mystcraft currently has several foci:


  • Adds an overworld structure called the Abandoned Study that is meant to provide some resources to players who have not yet traveled to any Ages. It can also spawn in Ages if the corresponding Page is used. There is a config option to disable the Book Binder recipe if you would like these Studies to be the only source of Descriptive Books.
  • Cosmetically upgrades the default libraries and provides an option to disable libraries altogether. If the upgrade is enabled, there is a 10% chance that a library will be upgraded to a larger Great Library.


  • Pyramids: Features like Spheres and Spikes that accept blocks as modifiers.
  • Ocean Monuments: Have ocean monuments spawn in your Ages!
  • Size Pages: Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, and Huge.
  • Tilt Pages: No Tilt (0°), Half Tilt (45°), and Full Tilt (90°).
  • Tinted Sun Page: Make your sun a different color and give it a size and tilt for a truly unique Age!
  • Rings Biome Distribution: A new biome distribution where the biome changes as you move outward from the center of the map.
  • Normal Biome Distribution: Replaces the five "sized" biome distribution from Mystcraft and can be used with the Size pages. The original pages can be disabled and remapped in moremystcraft.cfg.
  • East-West and North-South Bands Distribution: Biomes bands expand into infinity.
  • Boxes Biome Distribution: Just like Rings Biome DIstribution, but with right angles.
  • Island Biome Distribution: Accepts one biome page and places it in the middle of an infinite ocean. Use in conjunction with a Standard World page for best results.
  • Gigantic Trees: A semi-replacement for Huge Trees. These ones have thicker trunks but spawn less frequently to cause less generation lag.
  • Cloud Height Pages: Manipulate the cloud height in your Ages.
  • Lacking Ores: Stops ore generation in the ground. (Ores used in structures like obelisks will still spawn.) It should work for any ore (including modded ores) that post to OreGenEvent. Be careful to not use it together with "Dense Ores". They will cancel each other out and you'll get some unwanted side effects.


  • Traffic cone: Ensure explorers stay within DRC-approved areas!
  • Unstable Book Receptacle: Functions similarly to a regular Book Receptacle. When a Descriptive Book is inserted, it creates a new Age every time you use the portal. When a Linking Book is inserted, it spawns you at a random coordinate within the target Age.


  • Maintainer suit: A fully-protective suit you can use to visit ages with unknown dangers. When inside a maintainer suit, your vision and movements are restricted, and you cannot interact with anything outside the suit, but you can still access your inventory, and you are fully protected from any and all dangers. The suit has the added benefit of linking with you when you are inside it, and it also includes a readout of any potion effects an age may inflict due to instability.

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