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Monster Plus Mod for Minecraft aims to improve the player explerience adding new special enemies characteristic to the different environments of the game, along with special weapons crafted from their drops that will give players more reasons to engage in combat and exploration.





Glow Skeleton

A skeleton variant that spawns only deep into the ground and it can be identified from far away thanks to it's innate glow, akin to that of a Glow Squid. It's slightly stronger than normal skeletons and affects it's targets with the glowing effect giving away their position to other mobs. It can spawn either with a bow or a stone sword and it can drop Bones, Arrows, Glow Ink and sometimes Glowstone Dust or Spectral Arrows.



Lava Squid

A special type of Squid that can fly and spawns in fairly large groups in the Nether. It's normally passive but when attacked it will be aggroed and will shoot fireballs to the enemy, in the meantime alerting all other Lava Squids in the near vicinity who will start attacking as well. It drops Blaze Powder and Magma Cream.




Mother Lava Squid

A bigger and stronger Lava Squid that spawns rarely in the Nether. It's always aggressive and will alert all neraby Lava Squids to attack its targets. As long as it's alive it will constantly birth new Lava Squids to help.

It drops the same as Lava Squids but with higher drop rates and it can attack either by shooting a single big fireball or many smaller fireballs.




An underground zombie-like crystal creature that can attack the player by summoning crystal spikes below them.





Hermit Abysswalker

A special type of Illager, akin to an Evoker, that will rarely spawn deep underground. It will affect the player with the Darkness status effect (can be disabled in the config file, in 1.18 it uses Blindness instead) and will attack them by shooting fireballs at them and trough purple glowing Crystal Spikes that will travel towards the player and spawn below them. It will summon Opalescent Eyes and Spectral Minions as aid against its enemies.






Opalescent Eye

A glowing flying blind eye that the Abyssologer will summon to fight against it's enemies. They are fairly weak but they can prove dangerous when fought in groups while attacked by the Abyssologer and it's other minions.




Spectral Minion

A translucent, glowing, weaker kin of the Skeleton that the Abyssologer will summon to fight against its enemies. They are fairly weak but they can prove dangerous when fought in groups while attacked by the Abyssologer and it's other minions.




Swamp Monster

A special variant of the Zombie that will spawn in Swamp and Mangrove Swamp biomes and will inflict with poison it's enemies. It drops Rotten Flesh and sometimes Mud.




Overgrown Skeleton

A special variant of Skeleton that doesn't burn in the sunlight and spawns in Jungles and in Lush Cave biomes. It inflicts poison to the entities it attacks.



The spawn of all mobs can be disabled in the configuration file. You can modify spawn rates and biomes in 1.19.2 trough the use of a datapack.






Crystal Set

 Killing Crystalian's and Abysswalkers will grant Ancient Crystal Shards that can be assembled into Ancient Crystals that can then be used to craft powerful armaments.



>Crystal Clump

A special consumable that can be thrown to summon Crystal Spikes in the place where it lands



>Crystal Arrow

A special type of arrow that summons Crystal Spikes in the place where it lands



>Crystal Sword

A special sword that is slightly less powerful than a Diamond Sword but that more than makes up the difference in power by having the ability to summon Crystal Spikes when it attacks entities.



>Crystal Armour

A powerful set of armour that offers the same protection of Diamond and has an innate magic protection (15% for each piece)