Momos Mod

30,911 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 12, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Welcome to Momos Mod!

A weird and funny mod with walking tomatoes and useful equipment and tools :D.

This mod adds to your adventure:
A new creature: Tomathi
A tomato with arms and legs, and says 'momos' everywhere, literally epic.

A new resource: Tiredite
The red powerful gem, a bit better than diamond, useful to craft a better tools and equipment like:

Tiredite Sword 10 damage attack!
Tiredite Pickaxe 2200 of durability!
Crown of Tiredness sacrifice some defense to gain a buff, DASH!

And of course, food:
Tomathi A tomato dropped by Tomathis.
Glittermeat (Depressed Meat but renamed for the update) Like a golden apple but better!
Gummies (1.1 Preview) Sweet and sticky, give you speed for a few seconds!

Don't forget the blocks!

Tiredite Block For your epic builds and decorations!
Tomathi Block A placeable big tomato your little farm.
Tiredite Ore I need say for what you want this?


PS(12/10/2021) : So, I'm back and it's the first aniversary of the mod, i'll redo all the project, big update incoming :).

PS (28/01/2020): I'm working in the update, I wanna redo all sprites of mod because I changed the color palette, but I update that in a patch soon, see ya :)!
PS (19/02/2020): I loss all the project because mi hard disk died, rip, i'll redo the project when i'll have inspiration, thanks for understanding :').
PS (05/04/2020): Oh boi, I'm back, I recovered all the project :D, but now I can't play Minecraft in my pc because my drivers don't work (I have an old pc and now my OS is W10), some day I'll return to do this mod, see ya :)!


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