Momos Mod

15,283 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 12, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Welcome to Momos Mod!

Discover a red and funny things that his mod brings for you :D.

-A new mob:

A tomato with arms and legs, and says 'momos' everytime, so funny.

-A new ore (or gem):


A red gem, a bit better than diamond, you can craft many things with this:
-2 tools:

Tiredite Sword 10 damage attack!
Tiredite Pickaxe
2200 of durability!


Tomathi When you kill tomathis, they drop this.
Depressed Meat: 4 Raw porkchops and 1 Tiredite and you can craft this, It's useful, trust me :).

And blocks of Tiredite and Tomathi.


and the Crown of Tiredness, a powerful crown, press 'G' when you use it to Dash!


Update 1.1 in progress :), also you can craft something with 2 bone meal and 2 sugar, part of the 1.1 update :).
PS (28/01/2020): I'm working in the update, I wanna redo all sprites of mod because I changed the color palette, but I update that in a patch soon, see ya :)!
PS (19/02/2020): I loss all the project because mi hard disk died, rip, i'll redo the project when i'll have inspiration, thanks for understanding :').
PS (05/04/2020): Oh boi, I'm back, I recovered all the project :D, but now I can't play Minecraft in my pc because my drivers don't work (I have an old pc and now my OS is W10), some day I'll return to do this mod, see ya :)!


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